Blunt Wraps vs. Cigars


Smoking blunts or cigars or cigarettes, what option do you prefer?

While both blunts and cigars are popular among millions of people in the world, most of us prefer one option over the other.


But how do they actually compare?

The reality is that most of us aren’t familiar well with the main differences between blunts and cigars (or cigarettes) or with blunt rolling papers and cigar wraps. In this post, you’re going to learn more about their differences, so scroll down, and let’s get it started.

Rolling papers vs. cigar wraps
Before we get into the blunt wraps versus cigars discussion in terms of experience, we’re going to address their exterior first. (Source:

Rolling papers are, as you already know, thin sheets of paper that allow people to make hand-rolled cigarettes. These papers are also used today to make joints. While many rolling papers are intended for tobacco but can be used to make a joint or blunt (the bigger and wider ones), many brands opt to make rolling paper for marijuana specifically.

Versatile materials are used to make rolling papers, including hemp, rice, flax, and wood pulp. Some materials tend to have a mild flavor, while others do not. At the same time, their thickness varies. For example, rice papers are thin but breakable. Hemp filters are thicker than rice papers and aren’t that fragile.

The sizes of rolling papers vary. They can be thin as cigarettes or bigger to allow you to share jointly with a group or even roll a blunt, but not a huge one. Depending on the size, rolling papers can be filled with varying amounts of marijuana.

Although new methods keep emerging, the rolling paper is the most classic way to smoke marijuana (and tobacco, of course). What people love the most about rolling papers and wraps is that it’s easy to roll them. Nowadays, there are various accessories you can buy to make it even easier if you’re a beginner.

Rolling papers and wraps usually don’t burn too quickly (although some do) and are relatively inexpensive. The combination of practicality and affordable price is the reason why many people prefer them to smoke marijuana.

On the other hand, cigar wraps are leaves of fermented tobacco. They are used to make hand-rolled cigars, which usually contain two parts. One part is the inner leaf similar to the regular rolling paper, while the other part is a thick outer leaf. The latter is rolled around the inner leaf in a spiral manner. These wraps have a strong flavor, whereas rolling papers do not.

The taste of the wrap takes precedent over the flavor of tobacco or even marijuana, so it’s important to choose these wraps wisely.

Generally speaking, cigar wraps are significantly bigger than most rolling papers and thereby contain more tobacco or marijuana, depending on what you want to smoke. It’s needless to mention they burn longer and allow you to savor every smoke or even pass it around the room (although you shouldn’t really do that amid COVID-19 pandemic).

Unlike rolling papers, these wraps tend to contain nicotine.

The primary difference between the two is that rolling papers tend to be smaller, cheaper, and thinner. Although smaller in size, there are bigger and larger rolling papers nowadays, thus enabling you to roll a blunt if you wish, although a wrap is most definitely the best choice for blunt. After all, blunts are technically cigars that have had tobacco removed and replaced with marijuana. You can also roll a blunt using tobacco leaf wrappers.

Blunts vs. cigars
Now that we’ve covered some of the most common ways of smoking marijuana let’s dive into the blunt versus cigars discussion. What could be a better option?

Blunts and cigars have a few things in common. Both contain tobacco, just at different levels. Of course, cigars have more tobacco and thereby a higher level of nicotine.

Most people tend to forget that even blunts contain nicotine, and if you’re trying to stay away from nicotine and dangers it can cause, you need to keep this in mind.

While you can stumble upon posts claiming that all smoking is bad, it’s crucial to remember that not all smokables are equal. Cannabis is still a relatively safer alternative to nicotine, and it’s not as carcinogenic as tobacco.

Despite the fact that cannabis smoke contains some toxins that are present in tobacco smoke, it also includes cannabinoids. The cannabinoids are active compounds in cannabis plants responsible for the effects you experience. THC is the most well-known cannabinoid. The reason we’re mentioning this is that cannabinoids in marijuana behave differently than nicotine, the main active compound in tobacco. While cannabinoids have significant health potential, nicotine does not.

When smoking blunts, cannabis is mixed with the nicotine that’s in the wrap. Smoking provides an initial head rush and the energetic physical buzz, similar to the effects of coffee, which precedes the effects of cannabis.

Many people believe that blunts are better for the “high” effect, but that’s not quite true. Sure, they give you that high feeling you’re looking for, but you also get an extra kick from nicotine.

On the flip side, you can’t match that feeling with a cigar.

Blunt wraps and cigars have a lot in common, although the latter is more popular and widely consumed. However, they have some important differences too. You see, blunt wraps have traces of nicotine, which gives you an extra buzz. That being said, they’re a safer alternative to tobacco.

When it comes to choosing one over the other, there’s no right or wrong answer. It all comes down to your needs and preferences. If you’re not into tobacco and a high level of nicotine, then blunt wraps could be a better choice.

But you also have the option to choose between wraps and rolling papers, which vary in sizes and don’t have that strong flavor, thus making it easier to feel everything that marijuana has to offer.

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Blunt Wraps vs. Cigars
Smoking blunts or cigars or cigarettes, what option do you prefer?
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