Black Panther 7 KEY Facts To Know Before Watching Movie – You Won’t Believe Who’s His Ex-Wife!


Today tells more about the new Marvel’s character – Black Panther (no, it’s not about the movie itself).

It’s high to get to know him better.

1. Who is the Black Panther?

Black Panther’s real name is T’Challa and he is the king of the Kingdom of Wakanda, Africa. His mission is to protect the tribe. T’Challa’s father was assassinated in a terrorist attack orchestrated by Colonel Helmut Zemo so after Black Panther focused on killing the man he blames – Winter Soldier.

This became the reason T’Challa gets into the conflict between the Avengers, siding with Iron Man’s team. However, when T’Challa learned of Zemo’s deception, he assisted Winter Soldier and allowed him to recover from his trauma in Wakanda.


Source: Marvel

2. He could be called Black Leopard

Surprised? The point is that in late 1966 in US existed Black Panther Party – the radical nationalist political organization known for its armed patrols to protest police brutality against African Americans. Despite the fact Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created T’Challa before the BPP was made.

In 1972, as the Panthers reached the apex of their influence, T’Challa returned in Fantastic Four #119, calling himself Black Leopard as he pondered a return to the US, where his former name now had “political connotations.”


Source: Marvel Comics

3. Wakanda is the most advanced country in the world

You might think Wakanda is a small tribe somewhere in Africa, but in Marvel’s universe Wakanda is one of the most important countries on the Earth, a leader in scientific and technological advances.


Source: Marvel

4. Origin of Captain America’s shield

Wakanda is a motherland of Captain America’s shield that is made of vibranium – the near-indestructible metal. The country is one of a handful of places where vibranium can be found.



5. Marvel’s version of Batman

Believe it or not, Bruce Wayne and Black Panther have a lot of things in common. T’Challa is pretty much Bruce Wayne, except that the Black Panther also has a few superpowers.

He’s powerful, has money, smart as well as skilled in armed and unarmed combat. Like Batman, he can beat down opponents who are much more powerful.

And he has a black latex suit and pointy ears.


Source: Marvel

6. He has Ladies-bodyguards

For Wakandan royalty the Dora Milaje, also known as the Adored Ones are brave and loyal warriors. This fighting force consists exclusively of women, usually with their martial arts skills polished to a high sheen and their heads shaved to an equally shiny degree.


Source: Marvel Comics

7. He was married to Storm

Yup, that Storm.

A member of the X-Men and the ruler of Wakanda were married in a huge Wakandan ceremony in 2006 surrounded by their superhero friends and allies. Even Tony Stark and Steve Rogers took a break from fighting each other in the comic Civil War event to celebrate it.

But then something went wrong – the broke up in 2012, when Black Panther banned all mutants from Wakanda. Many assumed the couple’s split was because there were plans to bring T’Challa to the Marvel’s cinematic universe, where he couldn’t bring his wife—Storm belongs to Foz’s X-Men movie rights.


Source: Marvel Comics

8. Civil War appearance

Those who watch Marvel’s movies attentive have already met Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War.

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Who Is the Black Panther? All You Need To Know Before Marvel’s First Black Superhero Movie
Who Is the Black Panther? All You Need To Know Before Marvel’s First Black Superhero Movie
Today tells more about the new Marvel’s character - Black Panther (no, it’s not about the movie itself). It’s high time to get to know him better.
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