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Gaming gift cards are an excellent option for people who love playing games. However, not all game-related gift cards are the same. Some of them work only for certain products (specific games), while others are used for buying anything from game stores. 

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It can get really complicated. If you want to buy a gift card for a gamer, there are tons of options available on sites like Its The Vibes. If you know their favorite genre is sports games, you’ve come to the right place. 

Today, we’ll talk about the best sports games gift cards on Its The Vibes

FIFA 20 Gift Card 

Even if you haven’t ever played video games, you probably heard about FIFA. It’s one of the most popular game franchises in the world. With over 2-decade long history FIFA has become a brand of its own in the world of sports games. 

There are many types of soccer games you can play, but FIFA is the best option. The game is very realistic and immersive. If you play it on max settings, you won’t tell the difference between the game and a real soccer match. 

With the time and work invested in perfecting the game, the developers have created a perfect soccer experience. At the same time, the many exciting game modes guarantee extended playability:

  • Career mode
  • Tournament mode 
  • PvP (Kick off)
  • Champions League 
  • Practice Arena 
  • Ultimate Team 

Mario & Sonic Tokyo 2020 Gift Card

Mario and Sonic have both separately become legendary game franchises. With so many different games in their series, it seems like the developer couldn’t come up with anything new. However, by combining both games and bringing them to the Olympics, they’ve achieved the impossible. 

Mario & Sonic Tokyo 2020 is another installment of a similar series. However, it comes with a variety of mini-games that will keep the fun going. It’s a great game to play locally with your friends at home or even online with other players. 

The game also has a fun story mode that you can go through. The graphics are made to resemble the old games but with a new splash. The variety of characters make all events even more special and the game loveable. It’s one of the best sports games on Its The Vibes. 

Project CARS Gift Card 

Everyone has heard of Need For Speed and Gran Turismo. Those are the two most popular racing games. But in recent years, they’ve been taken over by Project CARS. Even though the game had little funding and was crowdfunded on Kickstarter, all race driving fans fell in love with it instantly. 

This Game of The Year Edition comes with improved graphics, more vehicles, new tracks, and new liveries. If you are looking for a game that will challenge someone with their driving skills and make them want to be the best, Project CARS is the right choice. 

It’s a demanding racing simulation game with a serious attitude. It was made to recreate the real racing experience of professional racers. You can choose from around 100 vehicles, dozens of real racing tracks and explore the world of racing. Pick up Project CARS on Its The Vibes today.

UFC 3 Gift Card 

For fans of fighting games, the latest UFC 3 release by EU Sports might be the right choice. The first thing everyone notices about this game is the fantastic visuals. The game looks realistic, especially the faces of the athletes in the ring. Rendering is really on the next level. 

Even though fighting games have been around for a long time, UFC 3 makes the gaming element incredibly fun. The game was designed to be somewhere in the middle between strategy and quick reaction. You can have your own plan of attack but also need to recognize when the attacks are coming. 

Its The Vibes has an exciting game choice, really, and UFC 3 is a top pick for any fighting games fans. It comes with all the grappling, punches, kicks, defense moves, clinches, and submissions that UFC has in reality. The game also has many features, competitions, challenges, career mode, and so on. 


Choose one of these gift cards on Its The Vibes website, and you won’t regret it. Of course, there many other games to choose from, so be patient with your decision. We guarantee you top sports gaming experience with these titles. If you don’t believe us, read some of the online reviews about them.

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