Best Royal Wedding Gowns: Meghan Markle’s + 4 Other Iconic Wedding Dresses and How Much Did They Cost (Photos)


Just days left till Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s day. And while everybody’s trying to guess what Meghan’s gown would be, made a list of most memorable dresses of royals. 

Meghan Markle – $135,584 (approximately)


Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane in a dress on the TV show Suits.

One of the biggest things everybody’s discussing is who will pay for the . Kensington Palace will reportedly cover the cost, an expense traditionally taken on by the bride’s family.

Markle will probably pay for the dress herself as Kate Middleton did.

As the Daily Mail reports the Royal bride will walk down the aisle in a hand-stitched gown by British designers Ralph & Russo. Meghan Markle’s dress is expected to cost roughly $135,584, according to sources who spoke to the Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton – $334,000


Source: Getty Images

After months of speculation, Kate’s choice of dress was revealed on the morning of her marriage to Prince William. It was the first time Kate had worn an Alexander McQueen design, and the gown was the vision of creative director Sarah Burton.

The dress featured a nine-foot train, and was made from ivory satin gazar with a fitted bodice, slight padding on the hips to accentuate the cinched in waist, and long sleeves that buttoned at the wrist. To ensure Kate’s dress was pristine, lace-making needles were changed every three hours, while workers washed their hands every 30 minutes. The dress is reported to have cost $334,000.

Pippa Middleton – $71,444 (approximately)



It has been confirmed Giles Deacon did design the dress for Pippa’s big day.

Pippa accessorized her bridal outfit with a Maidenhair fern tiara by Robinson Pelham and satin pumps with pearl detailing by Manolo Blahnik.

For her “something old”, Pippa wore the same Robinson Pelham pearl earrings which she wore for Kate’s in 2011.

While Giles hasn’t revealed the cost of the dress, reports estimated the dress to be worth $71,444.

Lady Diana – $33,000


Source: Fox Photos/Getty Images

The big day of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles was billed as ‘the of the decade’, and the dress didn’t disappoint. Designers Elizabeth and David Emmanuel decided to aim for the stars with their creation, and Elizabeth recalled later, “We wanted her to look like no princess had ever looked before, so we set out to discover the length of the longest royal  dress train there’d been, and discovered it was 23 feet. We joked that we could go one better — in fact, two feet better — and make one that was 25 feet. She loved the idea.”

It’s thought that the dress cost $12,000, which would be around $33,000 today.

Queen Elizabeth – $37,000 (approximately) 


Source: Pinterest

When the future queen married Prince Philip, she chose royal couturier Norman Hartnell to design her dress. Wartime rationing was still in place, which meant coupons were saved up to pay for the dress, and the young princess received 200 coupons from the government. The exquisite gown with its 15-foot train was made from lustrous cream duchess satin, and stitched with 10,000 seed pearls, silver thread, crystals, and tulle appliqués. Hartnell took inspiration from the Botticelli painting Primavera, and smothered the dress in jeweled orange blossom, syringa and jasmine, ears of corn to represent fertility, and flowers and leaves to represent England and the Commonwealth countries including roses, thistles, and maple leaves.

In a highly sensitive post-war era, rumors circulated that “enemy” Japanese silkworms were used for the royal gown, but it was later confirmed the silk was generated from Chinese silkworms. It has never been disclosed how much the dress cost, but the exact recreation of the gown that was made for the first season of The Crown cost $37,000.


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Best Royal Wedding Gowns: Meghan Markle's + 4 Other Iconic Wedding Dresses  and How Much Did They Cost (Photos)
Best Royal Wedding Gowns: Meghan Markle's + 4 Other Iconic Wedding Dresses and How Much Did They Cost (Photos)
Just days left till Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding day. And while everybody's trying to guess what Meghan's wedding gown would be, made a list of most memorable wedding dresses of royals.

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