Benefits Of Argan Oil For Skin


Go for Gold in the Skin Olympics with Argan Oil and Jade Roller for Anti-aging

Argan oil is known as liquid gold. It comes from Argan tree, endemic to Southwestern Morocco only. Because of the oil’s many uses and benefits, and rapidly growing global demand, UNESCO declared the Argan forest protected biosphere.

The nuts are harvested from the Argan tree, mostly by women, and everything that happens next is done by hand. The women extract the kernels from their shells, ground them through a stone grinder, kneaded for hours and cold-pressed to extract the oil. The laborious process takes 3 days to complete and yields a modest 1 liter of oil.  Next time you dismiss argan oil as an overpriced hype, think again.

What makes argan oil powerful

Argan oil is rich in omega-9 or oleic acid, which improves our skin’s ability to absorb our skincare products. It’s rich in omega-6 or linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is anti-inflammatory and increases our skin’s moisturization levels. It’s also rich in antioxidants, like vitamin A and E, that are proven to boost skin renewal and collagen production. That’s why argan oil is one of the most used face oils with eDiva’s jade roller for anti-aging.


Serum and moisturizer in 1

Rich in antioxidants, argan oil is very hydrating. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t clog pores. It’s suitable even for the delicate eye area. It’s anti-inflammatory and can soothe problematic skin while providing much needed moisture. You can use it on its own or under your moisturizer. You can use it over your moisturizer to lock-in moisture, which tends to evaporate specially in an air-conditioned environment or dry weather. However way you use it, always pair it with eDiva’s jade roller for anti-aging to make sure all that moisture and antioxidants sink deep in our skin where they are needed most.

DIY face scrub

Make your own moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich face scrub by mixing equal parts of brown sugar and argan oil. This scrub purges dead skin cells, clogged pores and any deep-seated dirt from your face. The brown sugar has AHA, or alpha hydroxy acid, which promotes skin renewal. Together, this scrub wipes out some of our top skin problems. You can use more argan oil after rinsing, or your regular moisturizer. Don’t forget to use eDiva’s jade roller for anti-aging and massage all that product into your skin. You’ll wake up with the softest skin ever.

DIY toner

You can add a few drops of argan oil to your regular toner, or you can make your own. One of the easiest and best toners to make is apple cider vinegar toner. Just mix ACV with distilled water, add a few drops of argan oil and you’re done! ACV is pungent, so you might want to start with 1-part ACV to 3-parts distilled water. You can add a skin friendly essential oil like lemon or lavender to make it more fragrant. This ACV toner normalizes your skin’s pH levels and refines your pores, add argan oil’s anti-aging benefits and you have a winning skin cocktail.

Why you only need argan oil and jade roller for anti-aging

Argan oil is liquid gold because of its many benefits and economic importance to certain Moroccan communities. It can help you minimize and streamline your skin routine by replacing most of your beauty products.  All you need is your argan oil and eDiva’s jade roller for anti-aging to nourish, pamper and address your skin’s needs.

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