8 Basketball Workout Tips to Increase Your Performance on the Court


When it comes to sports, there is nothing like basketball. Sure, soccer is impressive in its skills and football with its strategies, but basketball has all of that, and then some. You can’t help but admire the prowess of the athletes as they jump higher and dunk the ball, or when they dribble past a court full of opponent players. There’s just something about it that is as fascinating as it is mesmerizing. It’s no wonder that most people like to ‘shoot hoops’ in the comfort of their backyard. But if you want to improve and grow as a player, you will need some discipline and practice. These basketball workout tips can help you get there. 


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Set a plan
When it comes to basketball, you should never start working out without a plan. This includes every step of your routine, from the gym to what gameplay you want to try that day. You don’t just go to the gym and start running on the treadmill or lifting weights. What muscles are you working on today? Are there, particularly weak muscles in your body that need strengthening? It’s important that you have this level of self-awareness because it will help you set a goal and work on achieving it. There also needs to be a specific basketball training routine. Set shooting drills for every day, and the number of times you’re going to practice each shot.

Recover well
One of the biggest mistakes people do when it comes to basketball workouts is neglecting their recovery. You often find someone trying to exercise through an injury or muscle strain, which can be quite dangerous. It’s very important to rest well and give your body the time it needs to fully heal. Never try to exercise if you’re feeling a throbbing pain that some rest and ice didn’t fix. In that case, go see your doctor because you may have a serious injury.

Work on your shooting


Source: pexels.com

As mentioned earlier, you need to have a clear plan of what you need to work on while exercising. But you should particularly focus on shooting because, well, it is the most important part of basketball. There are other aspects that count in the game, like fitness levels and height, but you can’t simply rely on those. It’s best if you develop your skills when it comes to netting the ball. A professional shooter will make around 1,500 shots a week, which is a very good average. Anything less than 1,000 should be a red flag because it means you’re going into the below-average zone, and you don’t want to go there. So, always focus on developing your shooting skills because they count more than anything else in this sport.

Develop explosive strength
Shooting aside, one of the most difficult things to do in basketball is dunking the ball. It is an immense physical challenge that truly does separate basketball from any other sport. You’re going to have to work hard on this one. There are ways to improve your vertical jump, but you need to be very careful with the approach you’re going with. You’ll find programs like Air Alert, which promise extra inches to your jump, but it is a dangerous program to follow since it doesn’t adhere to any scientific basis. In fact, illegitimate programs may, in fact, cause injuries due to the highly strenuous exercises in it. So, keep looking for jump programs that can help you achieve your targets without risk of injury.

Get help
It always helps to have someone coach. It is not just about having the endurance levels and physical prowess. You want a second pair of eyes that could help you self-evaluate because there are many different angles to this sport, and you need to cover them all if you want to make it big. An expert coach would also help you set up a proper training program, and they’d be able to pinpoint your weaknesses and help work on improving them. It just helps to have someone guide you on your journey until you become a better player, and maybe even after that, because you can never really stop improving.

Be consistent
When it comes to basketball, the quality of the workout is more important than the quantity. It’s about achieving the required results efficiently, without having to spend countless hours in the gym every day. But that doesn’t mean you should be negligent with your workouts. Consistency is very important if you want to improve and achieve something. That means going to the gym several times a week, and getting things done when you do go. If you went twice a week and had pretty good workouts, it may not be enough. Your body needs conditioning and consistency to get better, and you need to go several times a week to work on your physique and game.

Eat well
Like any sport, the healthier you eat, the faster you’ll progress. You need to have a healthy diet and an efficient nutrition program to get the results you want. The key in basketball is gaining the right amount of muscle mass to help your endurance levels. So, you need to adjust the number of calories you eat relative to what you burn, which requires having a lot of self-discipline. It can be very easy to lose yourself and eat more than you should, but you wouldn’t have the kind of body you need if you did that.

Simulate game conditions
It’s always good practice to train in game-like conditions and at game speed. Things are different when you’re in an actual match; your level of focus and mental acuity are at a whole other level, and you need to get there in practice so you can find the strengths and weaknesses in your game to work on them.

Basketball is extremely fun, and it’s a sport that is always interesting and exciting to watch as well as play. But if you want to compete at any level you need to work on your game and exercise regularly. It’s not just about skill with this one, but rather discipline and the effort put in, which makes a good player.

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Basketball Workout Tips
When it comes to sports, there is nothing like basketball. Sure, soccer is impressive in its skills and football with its strategies, but basketball has all of that, and then some.

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