Bad Moms Christmas – How Bad It Will Be?


Last summer hit comedy Bad Moms returning with its Christmas edition!



Is it deserves a sequel?

The foul-mouthed, moms-behaving-badly comedy grossed nearly $200 million on a $20 million budget and became one of the most successful projects of the year.

Box-office receipts were through the roof crossing the $100 million mark by September.

Despite the critics’ and audience’s reviews were mixed, Americans moms understood what this movie was about and definitely liked it.

Star mix

As the previous film, the Bad Moms Christmas is directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore famous for the first Hangover movie.

The main cast including Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn promises we’ll see sarcastic-crazy-foul mouthed trio facing the Christmas stress and suffering from their own mothers.



So, what’s it this time?

Only 18 months passed and we have a new sequel Bad Moms Christmas, which seems to use the holiday season as a background for new adventures of the mommies square off their own mothers.

Most likely it won’t overtop the original, but still there’s a chance we’ll get a worthwhile R-rated holiday comedy.

We’ve already know how stressful mom’s life is after the original Bad Moms movie, now it’s even doubling as the holidays are coming. Moreover, we meet their mothers – Ruth (Christine Baranski), Sandy (Cheryl Hines), and Isis (Susan Sarandon), drop in unannounced.

Mothers for moms?

Let’s get to know them better. Ruth is hyper-critical of Amy and won’t accept the laid-back Christmas her daughter wants. The cheerful Sandy refuses to give her daughter any breathing room.

And Isis is blowing through town to borrow money from Carla that she’ll never pay back. The original trio is torn between trying to have a fun Christmas holiday and fending off their own mothers.

Anyway, it’s a nice alternative to the classical Christmas-spirit comedies with amazing female actresses and women’s humor. Yeah, it won’t be a genius story but we love Bad Moms for their honesty, jokes and the adorable characters.


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