Australia to Adopt NEW National Laws for Self-Driving Cars without “Human Driver” – One Important Difference from US Rules Remains!


Self-driving cars are to hit , so it started adopting uniform rules and requirements that differ from the rest of the world. 


Source: 2025AD

No “human driver”?

The National Transport Commission published a paper on driving laws in stated the problem of the most of countries is a human driver, which is a barrier for autonomous vehicles to hit the streets.

“With automated vehicles, there will be times when an ‘automated driving system,’ rather than a human, will be in control of the vehicle. We need a nationally consistent law to know who is in control of a motor vehicle at any point in time,” NTC chief executive Paul Retter stated.

“Without a change to existing laws or new law, there would be no-one to hold responsible for compliance with our road rules when an automated driving system is in control of a vehicle.”

This report was written to establish a list of driving regulations and highlighted the following points:

  • to provide the list of exact situations when an automated driving system (ADS) can drive a vehicle without human driver;
  • to ensure there is a legal entity responsible for the ADS;
  • to adopt legal rules that may be required for users of self-driving cars;
  • to establish flexible compliance options.

Most of the countries, including US, require the human driver to be present during the operating of the automated vehicle. Especially, after the series of accidents related to self-driving cars took place.

Recently, Uber autonomous car hit a woman pushing a bicycle to death. The victim is a 49-Year-Old woman, Elaine Herzberg, who’s believed to be homeless.

This wasn’t the first-time case when the driverless car gets into the fatal crash. Previously, Tesla driver died using autopilot mode. There were several cases of accidents, however, it was the first one that ended up with the death of the driver. The dead, 40-year-old Joshua Brown, was a big fan of Tesla cars.

The sensors built into the car could not distinguish the white train on the background of the bright sky. The accident occurred on May 7 in the city of Burlington, Florida.


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Self-driving cars are to hit Australia, so it started adopting uniform rules and requirements that differ from the rest of the world.

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