Are You Ready For 18+ Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship?


Virgin I will be the “most recognizable ship sailing the seven seas.”

One of the three Branson’s “world’s most gorgeous ships” was shown for the first time at the Fincantieri shipyard during a press event keel laying ceremony in Genoa.

Lady Ships

Despite the ships still don’t have names, Virgin’s first fleet will be known as the “Lady Ships”.

Virgin Voyages spent two years starting from the announcement in 2015 and finally there’s something to show. The central section of the first ship was set into place and it’s the temporarily titled Virgin I or hull 6287. In total, the line plans to build three ships in Italy by Fincantieri’s Sestri Ponente shipyard near Genoa.

It was claimed that Virgin I will be the “most recognizable ship sailing the seven seas.” The ship, expected to be sleek and yacht-like.

The cruise ship will have a crew of more than 1,150 people and be able to host more than 2,700 passengers. This luxury cruise ship will offer voyages from Miami to the destinations in the Caribbean.



Luxurious But Fun

The lucky passengers will enjoy cabins with an ocean view and terraces. A sophisticated, flexible, independent and child-free environment is the main feature of the ship. It was announced that Virgin Voyages plans to be “Adult by Design,” as it’s not allowed for the passengers under the age of 18.

“If I can apply the same principles as I have to my other businesses and create something luxurious but fun and make it something that I would like to go on then maybe it will appeal to others who’ve not cruised before,” said Branson.

“And if we can do that, then hopefully we can get regular cruise goers to switch.”

Also there will be no exclusion of much older travelers.

“Anyone who wants to have a fun time is welcome on board,” he said. “At some stage Virgin will also have ships for kids. We’ll have to – I have grandchildren”, Richard Branson announced.


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