Are You Considering to Start Carpet Cleaning Business?


In case you are here and reading this article, the answer is ‘yes’ – you are thinking about your own carpet cleaning business and as always there are so many questions you need to answer. We will try to help.

First things first, if you still have doubts whether it is a good idea of opening your business in carpet cleaning sphere, then just think about all your friends, relatives, offices you visited, etc and you’ll see how many of them have carpets. Then just imagine once more how dirty and dusty they become over a year and how hard it is to clean them alone – you won’t make it without the help of professionals.

So, be sure that there’s always be a demand for quality carpet cleaning. You can always take as an example one of the best companies on the market such as emerald carpet cleaning who provides clients with impeccable service.

Another argument in favor of opening your own cleaning business is the fact that demand for carpets in the US is forecasted to 14.6 billion square feet in 2019, which is valued at $16.2 billion!

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Perks of starting your own cleaning company

  • Residential customers

When we are talking about such a specific business, small companies is a better way than big players. In finding someone to clean your carpet, you’ll rather pick some local firms with a good reputation and recommendations from neighbors and friends.

  • You don’t need an office

Another great thing about starting your own cleaning business is that you do not need an office so you won’t waste money on it. You can store your equipment at home, in a garage or even in car.

  • You can do it by yourself

With the help of needed equipment and supplies, you can start the business by yourself. In the beginning, it will also help you to earn more profits.

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Why do you need to become DryMaster™ Authorized Affiliate?

You’re not afraid to spend much time on the trial-and-error way or regret lossing money and can pick the harder way and start from scratch? The independent business will give you more freedom but also more responsibility, difficult decisions and choices will fall on your shoulders.

In case, you want to start easily, than DryMaster™ affiliate is the best way to begin with as you get flexible schedule and large profit margins.

DryMaster™ offers you even more – to become an authorized affiliate that will provide you a low start-up cost and no franchise fee which will save you up to $50,000 – $150,000!

There are many great packages to pick taking into account your own ideas and business strategy with the cost from $2,030 to $12,595. One of the most popular is DryMaster™ complete professional carpet cleaning business package that costs $3,790 and includes:

  • The unique DryMaster™ patented “Dry Formula” carpet extraction system
  • DryMaster™ patented carpet detergents
  • The manual that explains all nuances of how to start a business
  • A personal coach who will support you and answer your questions if you need
  • Different promotional tools and access to an online affiliate portal
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