Are The Clothes In Your Wardrobe Hazardous To Your Health?


It is hard to imagine that clothes could be bad for your health, but it’s true! Some clothes can be dangerous, we only need to look back to a hundred years ago or so, and see that the corsets women used to wear would often restrict breathing, and cause fainting or dizziness, and even cause damage to internal organs.


You’ve probably heard of the arsenic poisoning Victorians suffered from due to their love of bright green wallpaper that was actually coloured with arsenic. Well, did you know that arsenic was also used to bring that same colour to clothing, like dresses, gloves and hats. This caused poisoning and even death in some people.

Luckily, we are more aware of chemicals that are bad for your health, however, you could still be storing some clothes that are not always good for you!

High Heels

High heels are worn by millions of people around the globe, and are a style of footwear that is unlikely to go out of style any time soon, however, did you know that they could be bad for you?

High heels can cause broken ankles, if the wearer trips whilst wearing them. Wearing high heels takes a certain degree of skill, and if you are unused to them, or just unlucky, it can be all too easy to trip and fracture your ankle.

High heels also cause areas of hardened skin on the feet, known as corns or calluses which can be painful and need medical intervention.

Bunions are also caused by long use of high heels. You may associate bunions with something your grandma has, however these can easily happen in much younger people. Bunions are when the big toe points inwards towards the other toes, and causes the toe joint to project outwards from the foot. Bunions can be a hereditary condition, but are also caused by ill fitting shoes.

Bunions can become extremely painful, which leads to them requiring surgery. The surgery involves breaking the bone to reset it, and can require up to six months to recover.

Another side effect of high heels is bad posture, and therefore back pain.

Conversely, shoes that are too flat can also cause pain, as there is little support for the foot, and no shock absorption from the sole. A lot of these problems were seen when ballet pumps were all the rage a few years ago. Always make sure your shoes fit properly, and have insole support.


Jeans are something that probably every single one of us has a pair in our wardrobe. They are likely to be one of the most popular garments of all time, but these too can be hazardous.

A popular jean cut is the skinny jean, however having jeans that are too tight can lead to problems.

A woman in her 30s had to have her jeans cut from her after wearing jeans that were too tight for several hours, whilst squatting to clean cupboards. This led to her calves becoming swollen, and developing compartment syndrome – which is when the blood flow is compromised and too much pressure builds up within the muscle, leading to emergency surgery. A number of other people around the world have suffered with the same injury.

There have also been other reports of nerve pain developing from wearing jeans that are too tight.

Tight jeans, or tight trousers in general can also cause thrush for women, as they become very hot and tight in the genital area. Another side effect of tight trousers is a decrease in fertility within men, as the tight trousers make the testicles too hot, and affect the quality of the sperm.

Flies that are closed with a zip are also a leading cause of penis injury the world over. Men who do not concentrate when zipping a fly shut can cause damage, from minimal to serious, to their genitalia.

Make sure to always buy jeans that fit properly, and are not too tight, from a reputable label, such as freddy push up jeans

Large Handbags

Many people use handbags to carry essentials with them, and in recent years the fashion has trended towards larger and larger handbags.

Of course, the larger the handbag, the more room to store things, which can lead to them becoming very heavy.

A heavy handbag can pull on one side of the body, whether it is carried over the shoulder or in the hand, it can cause an imbalance.

This imbalance can cause back pain, and even pinched nerves. If you want to carry a large handbag, make sure it is not overloaded, and is a comfortable weight.


Thongs, or g-strings can cause skin infections, urinary tract infections, and vaginal infections.

It is better, where possible, to wear this type of underwear for as short a period of time as you can, and never sleep in them, instead wear comfortable, full size, cotton underwear instead.

Thongs are rarely made of cotton, but usually of a polyester type blend, which doesn’t allow air flow, this can cause thrush, and the often lacy designs cause irritation.

The design of them also creates an easy route for bacteria to get from the back of the underwear, to the front area, causing vaginal and urinary tract infections.

Any underwear that is too tight, or has seams in the wrong places, can cause irritation and infection, so take care when choosing your underwear.


Shapewear is the best friend of many people, using it to create their desired body shape for a special occasion.

However, if shapewear is too tight, it can cause pinching of the nerves, and numbness or tingling in certain areas, which can take a long time to return to normal if the symptoms are ignored, and the shapewear continues to be worn.

Shapewear that is too tight can also cause fungal infections, and vaginal or urinary infections, for the same reasons we talked about above.

This has been a very brief run down of clothes that could potentially be hazardous to your health. Always wear clothes that fit properly, and if you experience any pain, stop wearing them, and seek medical help if necessary.

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Are The Clothes In Your Wardrobe Hazardous To Your Health?
You’ve probably heard of the arsenic poisoning Victorians suffered from due to their love of bright green wallpaper that was actually coloured with arsenic.
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