Apple’s WWDC 2018 Highlights: iOS 12 and 4 Other Hot Announcements from the Event You Might Have Missed


So the whole world was waiting for the new features and announcements at the WWDC 2018 that took place in San Jose, California. In case you’ve missed it, gathered all top things presented at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

iOS 12



As predicted, the next version of iOS is all about performance and stability, which means we aren’t getting as many major new features as in years past. did announce a new set of features meant to curb device addiction, as well as revamped notifications.

New Animoji are also on the way, as is a new Bitmoji-like feature called Memoji. FaceTime’s also finally getting support for group video calls. Augmented reality’s also getting an upgrade, with ARKit 2, which will support multiplayer games.

Important change: if you have an old phone and upgrade to iOS 12, it shouldn’t slow down your phone anymore.

macOS Mojave


Source: 9to5mac

With the newest version of macOS, ’s ditching its mountain-themed names and moving to the desert with macOS Mojave. The update includes a new system-wide “dark mode” (your eyes are going to thank you), as well as a redesigned Mac App Store.

On the Safari side, announced new privacy-centric features meant to reduce websites’ ability to track you. In a moment of not-so-subtle shade at Facebook, ’s Craig Federighi detailed how the new version of Safari will prevent comment and like buttons, like those used by Facebook, from tracing users.

There are also new screenshot tools, which makes working with screenshots more similar to iOS with screenshot thumbnails appearing immediately in the corner of the screen after you take them. Screen recording and Markup tools will also be built into screenshots.

watchOS 5


Source: businessinsider

The Watch is getting a ton of new workout-focused features with the next version of watchOS. Among them: automatic workout detection, so the watch will still track your workouts when you forget to start it yourself, as well as new modes for hiking and yoga tracking.

Additionally, new run-tracking features helps you keep better track of stats from your runs, including the ability to track your step cadence and rolling mile pace. Watch owners can also compete in Fitbit-style activity competitions, which rewards whoever is able to close their Activity Rings first.

tvOS 12


Source: AP

didn’t have too much to say about the TV and tvOS (likely because it got a major update last year), but the platform is getting a couple of updates. Notably, a new feature will automatically detect your cable provider so you’ll no longer need to manually sign-in to streaming apps — something calls “zero sign-on.”

The TV will also now feature a screensaver featuring imagery shot by astronauts in the International Space Station.

ARKit 2 features


Source: engadget

Augmented reality and ’s ARKit development platform was also showcased, with teaming up with Pixar to develop a new file format for sharing AR content.

Showing off the benefits of the digital and physical worlds merging was a new app called Measure, letting you use AR to see the size of items just by dragging a finger across them when your camera is pointed at them. demonstrated sizing up a suitcase and a photograph for framing.


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So the whole world was waiting for the new Apple features and announcements at the WWDC 2018 that took place in San Jose, California. In case you've missed it, gathered all top things Apple presented at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

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