Apple’s Genius Plan Or A Great Fail – Why Iphone X Is Limited


What would YOU do to get new iPhone X?

The first batch of iPhone X smartphones have been shipped from China to UAE and Netherlands, reports.

Through the thorns to the… iPhone?

Well, don’t think that buying a new Apple’s model will be piece of cake.  Despite the high price – starting at $999 – this time we faced also with a limited number of iPhones released – only 46,500 units.

Earlier, it was reported that the company has problems with components for the TrueDepth 3D camera system.

It caused a low production rate, which has been under tens of thousands units per day.

Pre-sale orders for iPhone X will begin on October 27. AT&T Inc. suggested that it was expecting to see almost a million orders for the Apple’s flagman.

Can’t wait till hold your new iPhone?

According to analysts, even if company manage to run millions of smartphones before sales start, they will not be enough, which will create a deficit.

Meantime, according to poll, the majority of readers (39.67%) are ready to wait 1-2 months for the iPhone X.

Apple introduced iPhone X on September 12th. The new model is equipped with a frameless OLED 5.8 inch display. The distinguishing feature of the smartphone is the face recognition system that replaced the fingerprint scanner for unlocking the device.

If you’re still doubting about buying new iPhone X, perhaps you should pay attention to Google’s flagman Pixel 2.

About pros and cons of this smartphone, you may read in Nexter‘s article. 


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