Apple to Launch Update and Fix Battery + 3 More Fascinating Tech News


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Messenger Bug on iPhones

Some users on iOS devices noticed the glitch in Messenger application. The app stops working after you type a couple of words in a chat.


The problem appears as soon as autocorrect kicks. You can find a guide how to fix it here.

iOS update to fix battery

As it became known earlier, Apple intentionally slows down its battery, and that was one of the biggest scandals in 2017 year.

This decision has led to the limiting of the performance speed and resulted in a bunch of lawsuits.

Fortunately, this week, Tim Cook, a CEO of Apple, announced they are planning to launch a new update which will allow choosing which feature to preserve:  turn on the battery or performance balancing system.

“We will tell somebody we’re slightly reducing, or we’re reducing your performance by some amount in order to not have an unexpected restart. If you don’t want it? You can turn it off. Now, we don’t recommend it, because we think people’s iPhones are really important to them, and you never can tell when something is so urgent…” stated Cook in an interview with ABC News.


Facebook is about to stream a horror series

Facebook is planning to spend $1 billion on original series this year, and  Sacred Lies is one of the first projects.

Based on Grimm fairy tale The Handless Maiden and the Stephanie Oaks novel The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly, the dark story will be about “a handless teen who escapes from a cult and is suspected of knowing who killed her cult leader.” 

It will be created by HBO “True Blood” writers –  Scott Winant and Raelle Tucker.


Google ‘speed update’

Google is to upgrade the searching system of the phones. The idea is to put some slower loading pages lower down in search results on mobile devices.

Due to the increasing number of people using Google on phones, the company decided to improve the speed of the search.

At first, it will affect a small percentage of queries, and the update will be launched in July.


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Apple Is to Launch Update and Fix Battery and 3 More Fascinating Tech News
Apple Is to Launch Update and Fix Battery and 3 More Fascinating Tech News
Read to learn announcements and fresh tech news.
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