4 Animals Who Were Arrested: Baby Stolen by Monkey Found Dead in Well + 3 More Furry Criminals


The 16-days-old baby was snatched by a monkey and fell into the well in a village in Odisha’s Cuttack district, India. 

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Monkey kidnapped a newborn 

On the weekend, the police have found an infant floating in a well. It turned out, the monkey has stolen a baby and left it near the well.

The infant was only 16 days old. “It is suspected that the newborn might have slipped from the clutches of the monkey and subsequently died after falling into the well,” the report said.

The mother was sleeping next to the newborn when the monkey snatched it. People who live in the area reported a few monkey attacks happened earlier.

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Source: The Logical Indian (was used for representation)

Pakistani spy pigeon

In 2015, Indian government suspected a pigeon in espionage and arrested it. The bird was carefully explored: an inscription  “Tehsil Shakargarh, district Narowal”, wire-like object and Pakistani phone number were written on its body.

The animal was x-rayed, but nothing was found. Yet the bird remained arrested.

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Stalking squirrel 

In 2015, in German, the woman reported a stalking squirrel that was following her and acting aggressively.

Unable to get rid of the criminal, the woman called the police that caught and arrested the squirrel. It turned out, the animal was really hungry and thirsty. Back in the police station, it was fed and sent to the animal rescue center.

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Source: CBS News

Grinch the Beaver 

In 2016, the beaver broke into the Christmas shopping center and knocked all the goods from the shelf. The owners of the shop called the police to report the incident.

“The suspect attempted to flee the area but was apprehended by Animal Control,” the sheriff stated in Facebook.

You never know what the next robber may be.


Source: nydailynews.com


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The 16-days-old baby was snatched by a monkey and thrown away into the well in a village in Odisha's Cuttack district, India. 

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