Amazon’s Triumph: US Choice Of Top Companies In 2017


According to a survey conducted by The Verge together with consulting firm Reticle Research, Amazon is the most trusted and well-liked tech brand in US.

Among the top five big tech brands — Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft — Amazon ranks highest among consumers.

Why Amazon is so popular?

Amazon allows watching movies (Prime Video and Fire TV), reading books (Kindle), listening to audiobooks (Audible), streaming games on Twitch. Amazon’s smart speakers Echo help ordering purchases, manage household appliances and answer simple questions. Google Home and Apple HomePod as alternatives are not sought after by customers.



The most trusted

As follows from the polls, Amazon takes the leading position on consumer trust. People trust Amazon as much as they trust their bank.Infographics_Amazon-poll-photo

Among top five brands including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook, Amazon received the most votes in the category “How willing they’d be to recommend the company’s services“.

People also consider they will care the most if Amazon disappears. While Google took the second place and Facebook, Apple and Twitter did not even in the top 5.



Amazon’s key to success

Amazon business model is considered strict and fair. The corporation, apparently, is trying to conquer as many customers as possible, but without infringing the freedom and rights of the users. And it seems that the company succeeds as the majority of respondents said Amazon has a very positive effect on society.


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