Tired of Classic? Check Out 7 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas You Can Easily Do Yourself


Have you already figured out what kind of style for tree to choose this year? If you tired of common classic you may like some of the beat alternative ideas of tree decoration prepared by Nexter.org.

Parasol tree


Source: Argos

The retailer Argos is selling these specially designed ‘half trees’, which will keep your cat’s claws far away from low-hanging baubles and also offer loads of extra room for presents and/or activities.

According to the product’s description, the 6ft-parasol tree will: “Keep your perfectly placed baubles, bows and bells out of reach of curious, crawling kids or your cats’ playful paws.”

Ladder tree


Source: Instagram

For a scandi look, decorate your plain old wooden ladder this . Place it in a dark corner and Hang fairy lights and decorations on it to spectacular effect.

Printed tree



We’re living in an era of digital technologies so a tree could be also ‘digital’ or printed.

Take a photo of a tree and turn it into a large-scale print at your local office-printing store (like Kinko’s or Staples). Attach it to a long wooden dowel and hang it like a tapestry with string.

Shelf-made  tree


Source: Michael Johansson

Use existing shelf space to create your alternative tree. Gathering green items in a tree-like formation, like Michael Johansson did here, is not only compact, but festive.



Source: Emily Henderson

Personalize your alternative tree with family photos. This works as a tabletop design or as a full-size tree.

Twig tree


Source: Getty Images

Sometimes simple is best, and a twig tree shoes doesn’t need to be green to be beautiful. Hang decorations and battery-powered candles on its bare twigs to bring it to life.

Hanging bubble tree


Source: Getty Images

With some hooks, transparent cord and some baubles, it’s easy to create a beautiful, floating tree that looks almost magical!


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