Alone at a Wedding? Here’s Things to Do


While weddings are usually a day that is packed full of things for the bride and groom to do, and they do their best to make sure their guests are always entertained, there may be times that guests feel like they are at a loose end in between events, especially if they are on their own. So, if you’re worried about this happening at the next wedding you’re attending, then read on for some ideas of things to do. 


Socialize with Strangers

This might seem like the most obvious idea, but it’s not something that everyone will think to do. If you’re at the wedding alone, it can feel like a very long day, especially when your friend who is getting married will be too busy to constantly pay attention to you; so why not try to get to know as many people as possible? Chances are you’ll find some great new friends – you’re all at a mutual friend’s wedding, you’re bound to have something in common.

Try online gaming

Online gaming is a great way to pass the time if you’re lingering between the champagne reception while the wedding party gets their photos taken and the wedding breakfast. There are plenty of games that can be picked up and played in one or two-minute sprints; just remember to look up and smile at the camera when the photographer comes around.

Offer to take Photos

If you’re finding yourself alone and at a loose end, then take a wander around and see how many people are trying to squeeze into a selfie frame. Why not offer to take a photo for them? It is another great way to get conversations started, and you might find yourself invited into a friendly group of people once they realize you’re on your own. Depending on the venue, there might be some gorgeous, photogenic features or scenery to keep an eye out for, so why not find out from the staff where you can explore and take a quick look around – just be sure to keep an eye on the time as you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything. 

Hit the Dance Floor

Just because you’re on your own, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be out there on the dance floor showing off your best – and worst moves because who cares as long as you’re having fun? As soon as the tunes are turned on, get out there and show the room what you’ve got. It will also encourage others to get up and join you, and you’ll soon be dancing the night away with everyone else until the venue closes.


Whether you’ve come to the wedding alone because there was no plus one, or your other invited guest had to drop out, there’s no reason to sit alone in a corner twiddling your thumbs waiting to be corralled from one event to another. You can get out there and make the most of your time, and you might make some new friends along the way.

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Alone at a Wedding? Here's Things to Do
You can get out there and make the most of your time, and you might make some new friends along the way.
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