All you need to know about living in Winter Haven, Florida


Thinking of changing jobs and moving to Winter Haven, Florida and you have no idea what to expect? Or what kind of place it is? Looking for homes for sale in Winter Haven FL and want to find out what the city is like? Or maybe you just want to plan your next vacation and are looking for tourist spots? Either way you have come to the right place, we are here to tell you what it is like being in Winter Haven.


What is Winter Haven like?

The Winter Haven district, lies in the middle of Tampa and Orlando, it is home to stunning lakes, a grandiose tower, a set of first-class collected works of vintage aircrafts and boosts of one the largest LEGOLAND in the whole world. So, overall you have a large variety of locations to play, discover and reflect. Anyone who wants to come and visit can find a large diversity of hotels, motels as well as a number of bed and breakfasts close to all the major tourist attractions. And if you are looking for a place to eat, your preferred fast food or connoisseur fare, the Winter Haven vicinity is home to a large variety of enjoyable restaurants.

Here is a list of a variety of fun stuff and adventures that you can do in Winter Haven and its surrounding vicinities.

·       Go into Indiana-Jones mode and hunt for treasures from a glorious past era in the Winter Haven side of Florida’s famous Antique collections.

·       Visit the famous LEGOLAND Florida Resort and have a time of your life. The theme park and the water park combined include a combination 50 thrilling rides, exciting shows and a large variety of other exhilarating attractions.

·       Let your imagination and fantasies ride wild at The Fantasy of Flight, a functioning restoration location that supports one of the world’s major collections of vintage aircraft, in the midst of other exclusive traditional tourist attractions in the Lakeland-Winter Haven region.

·       Find out the biggest single-site compilation of Frank Lloyd Wright made designs at the Southern College in Florida.

·       Go on the town in the grace and splendor of the famous exhibit at the Polk Theatre, which is close in vicinity of Lakeland. It’s a 1928 burlesque movie theatre that has a full schedule of movies, lecturers, musicals and other guided tours.

·       Let yourself go in the brilliant flourishing landscapes and the calming sound of carillon bells at the Bok Tower Gardens in the close by Lake Wales.

·       Grab your aprons and pocket your napkins as you plan your vacation in the month of January so you can eat till your heart’s desire in the famous Lakeland Pig fest. Which features a variety of 150 barbecue teams that serve an assortment of main dishes, with multiple side, mouthwatering sauces and desserts

·       Go on a short detour to Plant City, which is home to the celebrated Florida Strawberry Festival that takes place every March and enjoy Dinosaur World that is on throughout the year, supporting dinosaur models as high as 80 feet and real fossils as well.

·       Jump from a height of approximately 13,500 feet from an airplane at the Skydive City located near Zephyrhills

·       Learn about small-town art possessions at the legendary Lake Wales Art Center

What is it like Living in Winter Haven, Florida?

So you have begun your search for homes for sale in Winter Haven FL and now want to get all the information about the place? Well here are some of details that you would appreciate

When you look for Winter Haven on a map you will promptly see that Winter Haven is indeed at the heart of Florida. Centrally positioned between two urban locations, Tampa and Orlando, the beautiful city is located at less than a 90-minute drive away from the two international airports and can be counted on as easy travel for work or pleasure because it supports an interstate freeway or superhighway that is located only a few miles away.

The citrus fruit production, phosphate mining, and tourism throughout the year are the city’s monetary strongholds. Insurance and manufacturing industry (which includes building materials as well) are also significant part of the city. The abundance of water bodies presents ample of water sports and various fishing opportunities, and the area also has a significant population of retired individuals.

Historic reports give evidence for early settlers that moved into the area that we now know as Winter Haven in the early 1860s, although the city is said not to have been incorporated until 1911s began. Farming and citrus were early sources of income but Winter Haven is known as the inspiration for countless business “firsts” which includes being the site of the initial store of the Publix supermarkets series in the early 1930s and also pride itself on being home to the first theme park in Florida when the phenomenal Cypress Gardens was initially inaugurated in the 1936. Although the park is not functional now, the beautiful gardens continue to be the assets of the community of Polk County and are now looked after by LEGOLAND® Florida.


And this charming city of mesmerizing hills, an abundance of waterways and flourishing greenery that is so fertile in history as well as natural resources that it is bound to be a source of attraction to everyone. Irrespective of the fact that if you love nature, sports enthusiast, culture fanatic or just someone searching for a city to settle down and raise a family, Winter Haven is an ideal place for reflecting and gives out an appealing feel of being a small town with its population of 35,000 inhabitants. Yet it still offers the same admission as any city area to the civilization, technology and contemporary facilities of fashionable and modern living: And regardless of how you decide to go on board on living in Winter Haven, one familiar component interlaces throughout everything and that is water.

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All you need to know about living in Winter Haven, Florida
Thinking of changing jobs and moving to Winter Haven, Florida and you have no idea what to expect?
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