Advanced Tech for the Digital Era


People take technology for granted in the digital era. We think nothing of high-definition cameras, AI-based investing programs, cars that nearly drive themselves, and refrigerators that talk to us. But human ingenuity has a way of marching on, even after several straight decades of amazing inventions. What new and improved for the 2020s?


The answer depends on what kind of tech items interest you the most. In sports, business, social life, security, medicine, and just about any field you can name, there have been dozens of major breakthroughs since the century began. The following tech-related programs, solutions, apps, and devices have recently been improved in ways that enhance their effectiveness. Whatever your area of interest, these technological advances deserve your attention as a part of your financial strategies and tech advances.

Parking Assist (PA) On Cars

Parking assist has been around for more than a decade, but current versions are far more accurate, safe, and user-friendly than the first iterations. What is PA? It’s a built-in app that helps people park their cars. Some of the latest versions do it all, so the driver simply sits back and lets the tech take control. It can be a scary feeling for first-time users, but once you witness how the bot can do a perfect job of parallel parking, you’ll be a believer.

Fleet Management Solutions for Businesses

Unless you work for a company that operates a vehicle fleet, you probably aren’t familiar with the high-tech approach to modern fleet management. Of course, safety is always the key consideration for managers and drivers. For example, DOT inspections call for a whole host of regulations pertaining the safety on every trip. Devices like dash cams and electronic logging devices are par for the course these days for anyone who operates a company vehicle. In fact, without advanced computer systems and apps, the entire transport industry would likely stand still. If the concept is new to you, get more information by reviewing a guide on the six DOT inspection levels, and see how safety and technology work together to make today’s fleets as efficient as possible.

Text-to-Speech Apps

Here’s another bit of technology that’s had at least two decades to get it right. Finally, there are several retail products that do just that, and don’t cost a small fortune. The most common versions are downloadable apps that let you speak into a mic and voice to text software programs. All your words are transformed into written text. Some smartphones have low-level T2S apps, but for writers and editors who need high levels of accuracy, the non-free products work best. The better apps are based on AI that gets used to your vocal nuances over time. That means the more you use the program, the better it is at hearing your exact words and putting them into writing.

Four-Way Biometric Locks

Want Fort Knox-level security for your office? Check out some of the hottest items in this fast-moving niche. One of the most amazing ones prevents anyone from gaining access to an entryway unless the biometric scanner recognizes their face, iris, fingerprint, and central palm vein (palm veins are as unique as fingerprints).

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Advanced Tech for the Digital Era
Check out some of the hottest items in this fast-moving niche.
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