A Simple Guide to Wedding Guest Dressing


Weddings are such happy occasions. They provide an opportunity to meet new friends, indulge in sumptuous gourmet meals while showing off our amazing fashion. With the first quarter of the year has just ended, the wedding season is about to kick into high gear. Those wedding invitations hanging on the fridge door will now need scrutiny. Questions such as, ‘Am I in the best shape or should I skip my dinners?’, ‘Who will be my plus one?’ And most importantly ‘what should I wear?’ are bound to linger.


When selecting the perfect wedding guest attire, it’s paramount to wear outfits that aren’t too revealing. This is the couple’s day to shine, so while you may want to dress festive, don’t go overboard. Below are a few critical dos and don’ts to ensure you win the award of best-dressed wedding guest;


The invitation card most of the time indicates the specifics of the couple including the theme or dress code of the wedding. If the card states a black-tie event, you will need to wear either an elegant floor-length gown like those from Acne Studios or a gorgeous dress that goes to the knee. If the card seems vague with the dress-code direction, don’t be shy to ask the couple. Asking your fellow attendees can be a good idea as they may give you a few pointers of what to wear.


The location of the wedding will generally give you a clue of what to wear. If it’s a beach affair, you are more likely to put on a beachy maxi, however, a ballroom event or one in a hotel will call for a more formal looking gown. Farm themed weddings are more relaxed and you can easily get away with a short checked dress with a denim jacket. Learn to dress in layers to anticipate different changes that a location may bring. For instance, the AC in the ballroom can be a lifesaver in crowded spaces or an absolute nightmare for the scantily dressed. Layering covers you on both ends in case the weather becomes unfriendly.


The time of the wedding is an indicator of what form of clothing to wear. During the day, you can experiment with bright colours with unique designs. For the evening, opt for darker shades like a cocktail dress in a dark hue for the ladies and a black suit for the men. Summer may call for those outfits showing a little skin but don’t be carried away. Marriage ceremonies are often family affairs that are coveted and should stay that way.


A wedding guest should never wear white to a wedding unless they have been specifically asked to. This is from the common fact that your elaborate white dress might be mistaken for the bride. There are so many colours in the world that one can wear without the risk of people thinking that you are purposefully trying to steal the shine from the bride on their day.


If the couple specifies a theme of their invitation card, it’s just respectful to honour it. When it states a white-tie event, it means more of a formal event like for the royals. Ladies should dress in a formal ballgown while the gents wear a tuxedo jacket, white pique vest and a white bow tie. Black tie events, on the other hand, require the women to wear long dresses or a formal cock-tail length dress in a neutral tone. The men can go for a black suit or a tuxedo as well.


It’s a wedding for Pete’s sake! Denim, flip-flops and sweatpants are a definite no-no. Jeans are never allowed unless asked by the bride and groom. Sometimes the card may indicate casual which simply means it’s time to get that jumpsuit or romper paired with your favourite sandals. The man can choose to go with a linen suit or a checked shirt with some chinos and loafers.


It’s advisable to check your weather forecast before you step out for the big day. This will prepare you for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Take into consideration the wind intensity of the day to make sure you are not spending your day holding down your dress or suffer a major embarrassment in front of guests.

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Weddings are such happy occasions
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