Shhh! ‘A Quiet Place’ is On! – Terrifying Absolute Silence and $50M at Weekend Box Office


John Krasinski’s horror movie, ‘A Quiet Place,’ was released on Friday and turned out to be an absolute success. What’s special about this movie?

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100% on Rotten Tomatoes

Most critics on Rotten Tomatoes have praised the movie plot and the director’s work shown in the film. Almost all the reviews found by include positive comments and appreciation. Check it for yourself:

  • “A Quiet Place is an undoubtedly taxing affair for the nerves; fortunately, it’s also a deeply affecting one,” David Smith for the Atlantic.
  • “A Quiet Place” is a bold experiment in fear with a triumphant payoff. It will chill you to the bone, and the quieter it gets, the more noise it makes,” Adam Graham for Detroit News.
  • “I can’t recall the last time I found myself caring as intently for the characters in a horror picture as I did for the family in “A Quiet Place”, Justin Chang for Los Angeles Times.
  • “Despite a somewhat too tidy ending, it’s a terrific movie, beautifully made and carried along by strong performances and skillful storytelling,” Liz Braun for Toronto Sun.

Moreover, ‘A Quiet Place’ roars $50 million and wins the weekend box office. It’s quite a huge profit, taking into account that movie’s budget is $17M. 

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Bold Experiment

John Krasinski has chosen an extraordinary manner to scare people: not using loud sounds and jump scares, but an absolute silence that intrigues and frighten the audience at the same time.

“A Quiet Place is a superb exercise in understated terror that puts to shame “horror” films that rely on jump scares and cheap theatrics,” stated Top Critic, James Berardinelli.

Indeed, all the comments and reviews on ‘A Quiet Place’ express the biggest respect for the smart approach to scare people.

See the trailer of ‘A Quiet Place’:

Family success

“A Quiet Place” tells us a story about a family with 4 members who has to keep silence in a dystopian world as they become hunted by the horrible monsters that can only hear sounds. Quite interesting fact is that the main actors are also a family.

John Krasinski (“The Office”) is a director and the main actor of the movie, his costar is Emily Blunt (“Sicario,” 2015), who is his wife in the real world too.

Krasinski  directed and starred in Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (2009), The Hollars (2016) before working on “A Quiet Place.” The last one can be called the most successful not only in his career but in the whole modern horror movie history.

“Director-star Krasinski creates a new horror classic about a family that can only stay alive if no one makes a sound. Emily Blunt delivers a tour de force of silent emotion as approaching monsters fry your nerves to a frazzle,” Peter Travers for Rolling Stone.

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Source: CBS News


Looks like watching this movie will be a problem for popcorn lovers! Really, ‘A Quiet Place’ is an almost soundless movie and all the crunchy noises you make while eating the popcorn can attract the monsters.

Anyone gets annoyed when someone is constantly eating popcorn sitting next to them. But, in the case of this movie, chewing something crunchy attracts much more attention:

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Shhh! 'A Quiet Place' is On! - Terrifying Absolute Silence and $50M at Weekend Box Office
Shhh! 'A Quiet Place' is On! - Terrifying Absolute Silence and $50M at Weekend Box Office
John Krasinski's horror movie, 'A Quiet Place,' was released on Friday and turned out to be a complete success. What's special about this movie?

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