9 Ways Travel Changes You


There is no better feeling in this world than having your bags packed and ready to go off on to the next big adventure. Amongst other things, travel is one of the things that are bound to change your life for the better. Whether it is travelling solo, backpacking across Western Europe and discovering new cities for yourself or even travelling for business with the help of a corporate travel consultant you are sure to come back as a new person.


Here are some of the ways that travel can change you for the better

1.     Your perspective on life changes

Seeing the way that other people live, experiencing new cultures and spending time out of your comfort space is a sure recipe to help broaden your perspective on life. While you are there, soak in as much as culture and diversity as you can. Although going solo and getting lost and discovering places on your own may seem glamorous but trust us it’s not always what you would want. Especially if you are not familiar with the language of the country you are visiting. Travelling with the help of a travel group or in the case of a business trip with the advice of a corporate travel consultant if you have some time off to sight see on a business trip.

2.     Value Experience over Materialistic things

Once you are addicted to the drug that is travelling then there is no going back. You would rather see the Roman coliseum or the hanging gardens instead of investing in a new luxurious car. You might even start skipping on basic life necessities, nothing compares now with the adrenaline rush you get when you land in a new city.

3.     Learning to live in the moment

Whether it is riding the Gondolas in Venice, or enjoying a cold glass of limoncello in Italy you are always living in the moment and enjoying every single minute of it. Your life back at home, and that mundane desk job doesn’t exist once you are out of your hometown. Drugs have a new name and it is travel. Travelling isn’t a choice now, it is a lifestyle.

4.     Open to diverse customs of life

You are no longer the rigid person who likes to stick by their own cultures or feels connected to only a certain kind of people or in fact seeking out people of your own hometown in a new place. You now look for interesting customs or cultural aspects to adopt. It is no longer the same passports that attract you; rather the goodness in people is what drives you closer.

5.     Gain a certain sense of independence

Irrespective of the fact that you are travelling alone, or with friends or even abroad on a business trip with an official delegation, travelling abroad is still going to give you a certain sense of independence. Figuring out different currencies, asking strangers for directions, discovering new places is what gives you the confidence you need to become a more independent person.

6.     Become a more flexible person

If you are travelling abroad, unexpected things are bound to happen. Cancelled flights, delayed trains, hotel booking mix ups are just some of the common things frequent travelers have to deal with. Although these may seem frustrating at first but then you eventually get used to it. Soon you will laughing it over with friends, talking about the adventures you have had in Bali or the way the rain in Delhi ruined your planned day because you didn’t know you would be visiting in monsoon season. Or maybe the amazingly spicy and exotic biryani you had in Karachi, resulting in episodes of visiting the bathroom every twenty minutes and the next day you couldn’t wait to have some more!

7.     Gain a sort of respect for other cultures

Once you are surrounded by people from diverse backgrounds and different paths of life, you can’t help imagine how little and unimportant your own life is. How spending time on trivial things like getting the perfect breakfast cereal or getting just the right cotton thread count for your bed sheets doesn’t matter. Things that played a significant role in your life now seem very petty. You see the bigger picture now and appreciate the way people live their lives and go by everything life throws at them.

8.     Break out of your comfort zone

For someone who is used to a certain lifestyle and routine, surrounded by friends that you have had since high school or living in the same town they were born in, travelling is sure to spice up your life. Giving you the confidence and courage you need to go out and explore the world on your own. And who knows maybe the confidence and self-assurance you gain from travelling will help you land your dream job in the city two states away.

9.     You become generally more curious and open

Since you have developed a habit of travelling the world and trying out new things and exploring new cultures, you will tend to become a more curious and open person in general. Your friends are now amazed that you want to try out the new Vietnamese restaurant in town. From becoming someone who wouldn’t even have known what Pho is, you are having it for dinner every other night.


Now that you have read some of the ways travelling can change you, what are you waiting for? Grab your computer, search for the places you haven’t visited yet and plan your next vacation. And believe us the above stated are not the only ways that travel can change you.

Travelling takes you out of your comfort zone; you become more adventurous, you’re boring mundane life doesn’t interest you anymore. There are only so many months you can work on your dull life before you start itching for another vacation. Travelling sets you free, it relaxes you and you become a more optimistic person overall.

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9 Ways Travel Changes You
There is no better feeling in this world than having your bags packed and ready to go off on to the next big adventure.
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