9 Tips That Will Make You A King Of Time Management in College


Time and tide wait for no man. For this reason, time is a highly precious resource, and wasting time is synonymous to wasting money. Therefore, time management is a vital skill that everybody should learn right from an early age. Though some people are naturally better at keeping time than others, this skill can easily be learned through constant practice.

When you make proper use of your time, your productivity immensely increases and tasks you previously thought were difficult and tiresome become much simpler. The following are 9 tips on how to properly plan and manage your time to enhance your organization and productivity.

Prioritize Functions

On your list of things to do, you will discover that some tasks are more important than others. Thus, you should not spend too much time on unimportant tasks that can be postponed. At the same time, there might be urgent tasks that need to be completed within a short time. Focus on these first. For instance, if you need to go to the gym and still need to find someone to help you write an urgent paper, it would be wise to first look for an essay writing service and place your order before going to the gym.

Delegate Duties

At one time or another, you might find that you have more tasks than you can handle. Delegate some duties to people you think are capable of effectively completing such tasks. Remember, delegation does not mean you are avoiding tasks. Instead, it helps you to reduce burnout and stress.

Set Deadlines

A deadline will put you on your toes towards completing a task within the stipulated time. As such, you can effectively use the available to do something better.

Schedule Tasks

Get yourself a small notebook where you can create a to-do list. It helps you to remember the tasks you had earlier planned for. Without such a list, you might forget about some tasks, and you also might not manage your time properly.

Do Not Multitask

Multitasking is a great killer of productivity. With divided attention, you are likely to run into frustration, especially when you are undertaking intensive tasks. This means that you might become exhausted and do all the things in a shoddy manner.

Avoid Procrastination

It is said that procrastination is the thief of time, and this is true. In fact, procrastination wastes precious time needed to complete a task. Likewise, as you keep hesitating, you lose morale, and in the end, you do the task poorly.

Wake Up Early

It is said that the most successful people in any given field start their day early in the morning. During this time the mind is still fresh. As the day progresses, you become increasingly exhausted. Therefore, it is better to plan your day early in the morning.

Take Strategic Breaks

You can take breaks of about 10 to 15 minutes between tasks. It helps to relieve tension and stress. Moreover, scheduling these breaks makes it easier to plan on your tasks and enhances your productivity.

Learn to Say No

If you feel you have enough work to do, politely decline additional tasks. Do not accept a burden you cannot handle to please others.

With these tips, you can be sure to become the king of time management not only in college but also in any other field.

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