9 Most Common types of Road Accidents


There are a variety of road accidents that a driver needs to be concerned about. The reasons for these accidents not only consist of poor driving skills, bad judgment but as well the make, condition and even type of the vehicle in question that caused the accident.


Along with injuries caused by car accidents, motorcycle accident injury is also very common. One can even say that casualties related to motorcycle accident injury are even more deadly than other injuries caused by automobile accidents on the road. However irrespective of the kind of accident, they are all a cause of concern in regards of physical damage to people and property as well as financial loss.

Here are the 9 most common types of road accidents

1.     Rear End collisions

One of the most common types of road accidents is rear end collisions. A typical rear end collision occurs when a car at the back hits or collides into the car at its immediate front. They are more common on heavy traffic roads or roads with stop and go traffic. Rear end collision can cause a significant amount of damage to vehicles, as well as the passengers and drivers. Furthermore, since mostly cars are jam packed on a heavy traffic road, rear end collisions can cause sort of a domino effect and cause damage to cars at the front as well.

2.     Individual Vehicle Collisions

Individual vehicle collisions occur when an individual vehicles gets sidetracked and hits a non-mobile object on the road such as a tree, street light or a road divider etc. These kinds of accidents usually occur due to poor weather conditions such as rain or snow which can cause the roads to be slippery or even occur because of poor judgment or carelessness on the driver’s behalf.

Since vehicles reeling out of control happen at high speeds; such collisions can cause considerable amount of damage to the vehicle and the driver as well as any passengers present in the car.

3.     Collisions due to over speeding

WHO research has shown that an increase in average speed is directly proportional to the chances of an accident occurring, as well as the increased chances of the severity of the accident and the damage it causes. In case of a severe collision risk there is also the risk of pedestrians being hit. While in the chances of the accident being a car to car side impact, the chances of car occupants being injured increases.

4.     Accidents due to DUI

Accidents that occur due to the driver being under the influence of alcohol  or other drugs which can lower the inhibitions of drivers and cause them to make poor judgments and careless driving. These are quite common and drinking under influence is against the law. So if you had had a night out and feel like you might not be up to driving, then let another person drive you or take a taxi or take other means of transport.

5.     Distracted Driving

Although driving while being can seem like a small thing but even losing your focus for a tiny moment can cause a lot of damage. Nowadays technology is the main distraction such as changing the music channel etc. Drivers are constantly checking their mobile phones, GPS other devices for directions. Even passengers in the car or eating, drinking coffee or any other drink can be a reason for the driver to get distracted as well.

6.     Ignoring Traffic rules

Ignoring traffic rules such as jumping red signals, driving over the speed limit, driving in the wrong lane. Ignoring traffic rules not only jeopardizes the life of the driver but also others around them. If you jump a red light because you are late, doesn’t necessarily mean you reach your destination in time. In fact ignoring traffic rules will only result in further issues consequently which will make you even more lately for your appointment.

7.     Not wearing safety gears

Sometimes drivers can become careless and not wear safety gears such as seat belts or in the case of motorcycle drivers; helmets. Not only is it against the law but ignoring these precautions can result in serious injuries in case of an impact or collision. CarBibles notes that another cause of injuries on impact would be not using a baby seat in the car or not strapping your children properly. Since children can’t control themselves and can be harmed even more than adults.

8.     Accidents at Intersections

One of the most common reasons for accidents at intersections occurs when a driver trying to make through a yellow light collides into the active traffic on the other side. These kinds of accidents are also known as T-Bone collisions. These accidents can prove to be fatal if upon collision a car doesn’t have functioning air bags or the car occupants aren’t strapped with their seat belts.

9.     Accidents at low speed

While to some this might seem unlikely but accidents at low speed can occur when a driver is slowly reversing their car and doesn’t see a person or another vehicle parked at the behind. Or if a car is coming slowly out of a parking lot and they make a turn and don’t see the oncoming vehicle. At most times accidents at low speed doesn’t cause much damage but can still be bothersome for the parties involved.


Now that you are aware of the types of accidents and what are the common causes, you can become a little more self aware. Avoid careless driving, distractions or driving in bad weather conditions. Moreover you also need to be more vigilant of the way other drivers are driving on the road. While you might be driving safe, it is not necessary that others on the road are as attentive.

However if an accident does occur there is no need to panic. Call the concerned authorities such as the police and your insurance company and be sure to seek out medical aid regardless of how small or manageable the injury maybe.

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