9 Best Halloween Couple Ideas Trending In 2017


Halloween is coming – the only holiday in the year when the dead come alive, witches flock to the sabbath, and all the pumpkins around become decorations. Nexter decided to give you ideas for the couple costumes so you’ll be the most memorable on Halloween 2017!

Khal Drogo and his Khaleesi

Of course, choosing The Game of Thrones’ costumes you should be ready to meet other couples wearing exactly as you. Anyway, who doesn’t want to feel like powerful Daenerys Targaryen, mother of Dragons?

Not sure how I’m going to beat last years halloween costume ? #halloweencouple #khaleesi

Допис, поширений ♛ Misha Ariana Hudson (@mishariana) Жов 19, 2016 о 6:03 PDT

Joker and Harley Queen

Those two are so damn crazy! If you have a freaky mood inspired by Suicide Squad movie than this costume ideas is right for you.

Who’s getting ready for halloween & got a costume? #halloween #halloweencouple #simplyoloni #thejoker #harleyquinn

Допис, поширений Simply Oloni (@simplyoloni) Жов 22, 2016 о 4:33 PDT

Horror Style Couple

This outlook is always looks gorgeous as it suits for both – men and women. All you need to do is have some practice in make up creating. You can find some easy tutorials in Nexter’s previous articles. 

#halloweengoals #halloweencouple #love #couplegoals ?

Допис, поширений користувачем @lover_of_lovee Жов 24, 2017 о 4:02 PDT

Pennywise and his Friend

Thanks to “It” movie based on Stephen King’s novel Pennywise clown is probably the main trend of Halloween 2017. We’ll see whose version will be the scariest.

Hide your kids cause they’ll float too! ?? #pennywise #halloweencouple

Допис, поширений Melissa Castañeda? (@melissacastm) Жов 22, 2017 о 3:05 PDT

Deer and Hunter

So cute and simple idea for a couple who don’t want to choose a horror style outlook. The costumes of animals are always popular and easy to do.

Happy Halloween ? ? #happyhalloween #halloweencouple #couplegoals #october ? ?

Допис, поширений Kelly Colleen (@kellyciz) Жов 22, 2017 о 11:09 PDT

Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf

Who doesn’t know this lovely fairy tale for kids? But there’s always a way to make it a real horror – just add some bloody details or go even further – switch the roles. Little red riding hood as a horrible killer and poor Wolf as a victim will draw everybody’s attention.

Cruella De Vil and a Dalmatian

Another Fairy Tail and Disney cartoon’s villainess – Cruella De Vil is always a win choice.

P.S. Face it, you also dreamed about a dalmatian puppy after watching “101 dalmatians”!

Wonder Woman and Superman

Super heroes is almost a classic especially when we have so many inspiring movies from DC Universe. Take a Superman outlook for your man so everybody know how awesome he is.

#Halloween #WonderWoman and #SuperMan #CoupleCostumes #SuperCouple #PowerCouple #LaMujerMaravilla

Допис, поширений Ms.RRdeC (@ms.rrdec) Лис 2, 2016 о 2:57 PDT

Thor and Black Widow

And Marvel Universe, of course, also have many amazing heroes to follow. Nexter is sure that after watching new Thor:Ragnarok movie, Marvel fans will definitely choose to be the Asgardian Gods.

Black leather jumpsuit and red hair make you look like a badass lady – Black Widow from “The Avengers” movie.

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