8 Tips From Pros to Market Your Wellness Center Online


Due to the nature and form of services they offer, many might have the prejudice that wellness centers are beyond the scope of online marketing. But the reality is quite promising and exciting. To put that in perspective, consider this. What is the first thing you do when you have a headache, neck pain, or an upset stomach?


You probably search online for a remedy – that’s what at least 83% of the adults do. Searching health information is a growing trend, and that’s good news for health and wellness centers. It means your business has ample opportunities to entice and convert individuals to loyal customers digitally.

If you are confused about how and where to start marketing your wellness center online, this post will be the best thing you read in a while. We’ll cover the best tips on digital marketing that will fuel your business’ growth. Let’s get started.

1. Up Your Game on Social Media
This strategy might seem like a no-brainer, but the majority of SMBs take social media casually. At least 73% of marketers uphold the power of social media to market a brand. Since most of us spend most of the time scrolling through the endless feeds, it makes more sense to market your brand there.

To start off, formulate a social media strategy and calendar and push content consistently. You can experiment with the platform and the form of content you publish. You can use a promo video maker like VideoCreek to create a promotional video of your center and give customers a glimpse of what to expect.

2. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
It’s 2020, and 52.2% of all website traffic is from mobile phones. Even Google ranks mobile-optimized websites higher in search results. Plus, it’s more about the user experience. If individuals are convinced with your website, they are least likely to question your credibility.

3. Publish Blog Posts, Consistently
For search engine optimization (SEO), blogs are gems. How consistent you are with publishing blog posts can significantly affect your search result rankings. You don’t have to overdo this process, but at least two posts a week will do the trick.

The ideal word count is open for experimentation and depends on your target audience. Experiment with multiple word counts and choose the one that best fits your business. You can use Google Trends to explore new topics if you’re ever short of ideas.

4. Say Yes to Video Marketing
Let’s face it. All blog posts and no videos will make your marketing strategy a dull one. The majority of individuals prefer videos over any other form of content, primarily because they require the least cognitive load. Since YouTube allows you to upload videos for free, there are virtually zero reasons as to why you shouldn’t try it out.

But it doesn’t have to be replacing your other strategies such as blogging or email marketing. Instead, you can use videos to complement different techniques. For example, embedding YouTube videos on blog posts can reduce your website’s bounce rate, which is excellent, SEO-wise.

Thanks to tools like InVideo, you can edit videos online with ease and quickly produce quality content without spending a fortune. Pro tip – chase quality and not quantity. Even if you upload just a video every month – make it count. Make sure it adds more value to the user journey, and a bit of fun won’t do any harm.

5. Give Out Free Trials and Discounts
Did you know that word of mouth still rocks in 2020?

And the reasons are apparent. You’ll more than likely trust a brand if your friend suggests it. To make that happen, you can give out free trials to a selected few and offer them the best experience possible.

The possibilities are high that they will bring along their friends next time they make a visit. You can also request satisfied customers to post their opinions on social media and leave a wonderful review on Google.

You can even make money online by conducting classes on self-care. For example, you can host classes on “Tips to Make Your Skin Glow” or “Easy Ways to Get Rid of that Love Handles” and charge a nominal fee. You’ll be amazed by the number of people who turn up.

But of course, you need to market well, at least two weeks in advance. Use power words like “Limited Seats Only” or “Secret Tips” and make your classes look too good to miss.

6. Use Email Marketing to the Core
It’s no secret that email marketing offers an unbelievable return on investment. For every blog post you upload, you can request readers to sign up for your email list by offering to send tips to better care for themselves.

If you do it right, soon, the subscribers will be convinced to make a visit to your center. But it’s not easy. You should never be spammy, deliver quality content, and, most importantly, add value to the subscriber’s life.

You can even send out coupons or weekly deals to entice customers. To be honest, many might unsubscribe from your mailing list. But that’s okay and natural. The key is to remain consistent and eventually find the customers with higher lifetime value.

7. Connect With Influencers
If you’re relatively new to online marketing, specifically social media marketing, you need a headstart to get noticed. For that, influencer marketing is a cost-effective method. Of course, you don’t have to contact the Rock or Selena Gomez for that matter.

Someone, preferably a micro-influencer, who’s got the kind of fan following that represents your target audience will do. Ask them to post an honest and charming review of your products or services. Around 70% of teens will trust influencers more than a traditional celebrity.

8. Cross-Promote With Complimentary Brands
Just like influencer marketing, cross-promoting your brand is an excellent way to increase your followers. For example, if you offer yoga classes, partner up with a brand that sells yoga mats. Both of you’ll benefit from this collaboration.

You can even strategize a plan to offer discounts for either of the brands. If a customer visits your center, you can give the discount coupons to visit the other brand and vice versa.

In Conclusion
By this point, we hope you have zero excuses not to start marketing your wellness center. Since the majority of tricks discussed in this article don’t cost much to try out, it will be too unfair if you ignore them. Start today and see how these strategies boost your online presence and, ultimately, your revenue.

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8 Tips From Pros to Market Your Wellness Center Online
Due to the nature and form of services they offer, many might have the prejudice that wellness centers are beyond the scope of online marketing.
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