8 Most Hilarious Tweets Every College Student Can Relate To


Most people will say they had a unique experience while in college. However, some things stay the same no matter what you studied or where you went to college. These may range from serious stuff such as essay writing assignments to everyday experiences outside the classroom.

Let’s look at some of the funniest and most relatable tweets that almost every college student goes through.

  • There Is No Shame in College

According to this tweet, college is the one place where you can sleep or cry anywhere, and no one will judge you. There is definitely no feeling embarrassed when you are in college.

  • When It Gets Tough, You Can Sell Everything- Your Soul Included

A Twitter user jokes that if you have never tried to sell everything you had including your soul to get cash, then you weren’t indeed in college. You could relate to this one if you had a tight budget while in college.

  • Solidarity in Not Doing Assignments

Most of us have tried to start assignments on the day they are due. In many cases, it does not end well. But there is hope in knowing you are not alone- even if you know the consequences- and this tweeter user puts it perfectly.

  • The Best Solution to Your Student Loan?

What is more stressful than paying back your student loan? Well, dying isn’t- at least from this tweet. This user shares a picture of a cartoon character and talks about how she wouldn’t mind being killed as it would mean escaping student loans.

  • You Don’t Need Much Time to Write What You Don’t Know

A college student on Twitter shares a lighthearted picture to show how one walks out from a test early because they didn’t know any of the questions asked. Well, at least that is out of the way, and you can party for the rest of the weekend to forget your troubles!

  • Skipping Questions in an Exam to Tackle Them Later- Who Lied to Us?

One tweet shows us how to do a college test right. As this user put it, he skips difficult questions on a test thinking that when he does come back to them, he would suddenly have the right answers.

  •  The Future Sure Seems Bleak If These Are the Leaders

The future leaders, doctors and even teachers of the country are busy getting drunk and blacking out on weekdays in college. If this tweet is true, then you sure have to rethink the opinion you have about the current leaders and professional.

  • How to Escape Plagiarism Without Breaking a Sweat

When an assignment explicitly states that you use your own words and warns against copying everything from the book, but you switch the words just enough to avoid plagiarism. This tweet just summaries how to “follow the rules” in college.

All in all, college is not all that bad. It is one of the few phases in life where you find lasting friendships, pick up beautiful memories and have fun too.

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