7 Top Do’s: Best Guide to Get a Raise


Want to break out of your comfort zone and ask for a raise? Simply do it. Don’t know how? Follow our instructions and improve your persuasive skills.

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1. Be Honest

Don’t speak in a roundabout way. Share your expectations and career goal with your boss and ask for their opinion. Maybe they see your willingness to do more for the company and will offer you a promotion.

2. Talk About Your Success

It’s important to estimate and present your greatest achievements accomplished through the period of your employment. However, try not to boast and overestimate yourself. State what is your unique contribution to the company.

3. Ask in Person

Choose the right moment to talk to your boss (when they in a good mood) and don’t do it via email or Messenger. Remember, it’s as easier for you to ask for a raise hiding behind the screen as for your boss to refuse you.

Ask them for a lunch and conduct a serious talk.

4. Imagine You’re Preparing an Essay

Before asking for a promotion, estimate your market value. You need to provide irrefutable reasons why you deserve more than you already have.

Look up an average salary of a person of the same profession in reliable sources and name your price. Don’t suggest unreal numbers or your boss won’t take you seriously.

5. Imagine It’s a Role in Shakespeare’s Play

Practice. No, really. Try to rehearse what you are going say aloud. Ask your friends, parents or colleagues to take a role of your boss.

It will help you to sound more confident and to find weaknesses in your speech.

6. Believe in Yourself

Do you see your boss like this?

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Avoid using requests in the form of questions as it shows your uncertainty and self-doubt. Be direct and express your opinion and reasons clearly.

“I think that the power is the principle.” –  said Robert Downey, Jr. “The principle of moving forward, as though you have the confidence to move forward, eventually gives you confidence when you look back and see what you’ve done.”

7. Expect “Yes”, but Be Prepared for “No”

If they declined your request, ask what you can do to deserve a promotion. Also, you can take an interest in possible work process improvements and ask for benefits.

The negative answer shouldn’t demoralize you. It’s actually the worst possible outcome of events. That’s why just go for it and be confident.

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