7 Strategies for Soothing Inflamed Skin


Skin inflammation can be a painful experience that can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Inflammation is a natural response to bacteria build-up, as the blood will rush to the area to encourage immune cells to repair the damage. Once the infection has cleared, the redness and swelling will disappear. There are a number of reasons why your skin can become inflamed and unfortunately, some of the causes will be out of your control. However, there are strategies out there to soothe inflamed skin, to ease the pain, and provide some comfort. Here are seven of them.


Use Cold Water
Using cold water to wash with is a simple yet effective method of soothing inflamed skin. You should stay away from harsh exfoliators and loofahs and try to stick to oatmeal-based soaps to wash with. If you shower for a long period of time or turn the temperature of the shower up, then you will strip your skin of its natural oils, which will make it drier and more irritated in return.

Stop Skincare Routine
As soon as your skin is inflamed, you should stop your regular skin care routine. This is because your skin will be super sensitive towards ingredients in the products you use. Ideally, you should only apply a gentle moisturizer and cleanser. A calming rose water toner can soothe, heal, and reduce skin inflammation. You should avoid using makeup to cover any redness, as this can irritate your skin more.

Keep on Moisturizing
You should keep your skin moisturized during a period of skin inflammation. Moisturizing will keep the top layer of any broken skin sealed, which will reduce the risk of infection while the skin repairs. Instead of using your regular moisturizer, consider a lighter, soothing lotion. Using one that contains aloe vera will benefit your skin, as it contains cooling and anti-inflammatory properties.

Try Natural Products
Home remedies can be useful when your skin is inflamed. Using kitchen ingredients to create a product that can be used to cool or soothe your skin could be highly-effective. The regular application of home remedies that contain oatmeal, honey, cucumber, and green tea will reduce redness and swelling, as they contain a number of anti-inflammatory properties.

Change Your Diet
There are a number of factors that can trigger skin inflammation and unfortunately, some of them are out of our control. However, one that is in our control is our diet. Avoiding food that is processed or contains sugar and dairy will reduce the risk of pore blockages. This will stop your skin from producing excess oil, which causes acne. Instead, you should drink more water and eat plenty of fresh produce.

Avoid the Sun
Sun damage is one of the main causes of skin inflammation. If your skin has experienced sun damage or you have sensitive skin and continue to sit in the sun, then you will prolong exposure to damage, which will increase your risk of infection and severe medical conditions in the future. If you have to go out in the sun, then make sure you wear the right amount of sun protection.

Take Anti-Inflammatories
If you don’t see any difference to your skin after changing your diet and lifestyle, then you should speak to a dermatologist and request a strong anti-inflammatory tablet or cream to ease symptoms of skin inflammation. This can help to reduce the pain and appearance of inflamed skin. If your symptoms continue to persist, seek medical attention.

When you start to notice any signs of skin inflammation, act fast to soothe it. By carrying out the above techniques, you will be able to reduce the pain you experience, as well as the visible signs of inflammation.

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7 Strategies for Soothing Inflamed Skin
Skin inflammation can be a painful experience that can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious.
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