7 States With The Highest Medical Assistant Salaries Of 2019


Getting into the healthcare sector and being a doctor, while probably more rewarding and fulfilling than anything else in life, can be very exhausting. True, you get to do something, make a difference, and watch the outcome of your help to people. But it takes a lot of sleepless nights and hard work to get there, and it’s a journey not everybody can handle. Financially speaking, the job is rewarding, in the long run, but that is if you stick with it, which many don’t.


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If you want to help people through the healthcare sector, though, there are other options, like being a medical assistant. It’s a much less demanding field in terms of the years of study and experience, you’ll need to become one, and you might even be able to do it within a few years. The article at MedAssisting.org  also adds that this might just be the best time to get into this line of work in the USA. Still, how much you get paid will vary from state to the other, and you need to know the highest you can earn.

These are the 7 states with the highest medical assistant salaries in 2019.

Hard to believe it, isn’t it? Well, the truth is, Alaska is the highest paying state for medical assistants in the United States, with an annual average of well over $40,000. The scarcely populated state has less than a million residents, and perhaps that is why it has such a high average for medical assistants. They are in high demand there, and with close to just 1,600 medical assistants in all of Alaska, that gives a ratio of just one for every 420 people, so it definitely does make sense that they get paid as much as they do.

California is one of the best options for any person looking to work as a medical assistant, with the number of actual hired personnel in that vacancy going over 80,000 in recent stats. Yet, despite that large number, the average salary is still one of the highest in the country, with an average of $33,000 to $36,000, making it a great choice for those wanting to get into this line of work. Payment aside, California also has one of the best working environments for people in the healthcare sector, with a very rapidly improving growth rate and some of the best medical facilities in the country, which means there will even be more medical assistance vacancies opening up in the future.

Washington, D.C.
In what is definitely not a surprising tidbit, Washington D.C. has some of the best average salaries for medical assistants in the country, going up to $40,000 per year. The average in DC is almost 25 percent higher than the world average for medical assistant jobs, and with plenty of different providers of the highest quality, it absolutely needs to be on your list if you want to get started in this field. Being a very populated state with a fairly high standard of living, you will constantly find various medical assistant jobs, and you will be able to get the proper training you need, all while making a very good average throughout the year.

Next on the list is Massachusetts, which offers an average medical assistant salary 20 percent higher than the worldwide average, making it an excellent place to start with getting your license and finding a job. A medical assistant makes up to $39,000 on average every year in Massachusetts, and it is even expected that those salaries will see exponential growth over the next few years, with numbers predicting a 17.2 percent increase by the year 2026. With a very high average salary and great career opportunities, Massachusetts is one of the best options in the country right now, especially considering how steadily the state is growing to become one of the most sophisticated in the entire country.

The average salaries in Minnesota are pretty close to those in Massachusetts, with also a very close average number of medical assistance in both states. It is projected that the average number of people working in this field will multiply and grow by 2026, and that will create more medical assistant jobs in the state that already has a very good average if compared to the rest of the country as well as the world. A very cool option you get in Minnesota is how you can work in urban centers, or more towards the suburbs if you want. So, you definitely have a lot of options there, and it would be easy to make good money, even as a newly hired medical assistant.

Not to be confused with DC, Washington has a very good average salary, with medical assistants getting paid close to $39,000 per year, a lot higher than national and international averages. With over 13,000 people working as medical assistants in the state, you might think that can affect your chances. On the contrary, it actually helps them. It is a big state, with close to 8 million residents. So, medical assistants are always in high demand, which explains the rates.

A medical assistant in Pennsylvania will get paid a little over $15 an hour, which basically meets the national average of over $31,000 annually. The great thing about this state is not just the fact that average salaries are great for medical assistants, but also how affordable it is to live there. Despite the fact that it is a rapidly growing state, it is still very affordable for a young person to start their lives in Pennsylvania, which makes it a great option for people beginning their career in this sector.


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Is it easy being a medical assistant? Definitely not, but it’s also much less complicated than being a doctor, and you can do it in a tenth of the time. You just need to do a little digging to find out the average salary in your state, because you might have to relocate to a nearby one to get better wages. And don’t forget to take living expenses into consideration, because they do matter in the final equation.

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7 States With The Highest Medical Assistant Salaries Of 2019
Getting into the healthcare sector and being a doctor, while probably more rewarding and fulfilling than anything else in life, can be very exhausting.

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