7 Reasons You Should Never Drink and Boat


Boating while under the influence is one of the worst things you could do. Not only would you put yourself and several others in danger, but you could get arrested as well. Discussed below are all the reasons you should never boat while intoxicated.


Get Into Accidents & Fights

Being intoxicated affects your motor functions and ability to make proper judgments. You might make a bad decision that will cause your boat to crash.

As being under the influence affects your ability to make proper judgements, you might end up fighting with the others on board. If they have been drinking too, the fight will escalate.

If there are other boats out at sea, and one of them overtakes you, your inability to make proper judgements can cause an altercation with them.

Get a BUI

Although you might not think it, drinking on a boat can get you arrested. Many cities treat boating while under the influence similar to drunk driving. The offense would be on your record forever, which can affect your chances of future jobs. Also, you would have to pay a hefty fine.

Getting charged for drinking while boating more than once can lead to serious jail time. If you’re in Toronto DUI solicitor and barrister hunting would be the only way to get out of spending years behind bars.

You Might Drown

It would be a recipe for disaster if you fall offboard, as the alcohol in your system would limit your motor functions. You might drown even if you know how to swim.

If a strong wave hits and one of the passengers on board falls over, you might be too drunk to react properly to save them as well.

Hurt Yourself

The water might be especially rough. Getting off your feet will be hard if you get knocked down. You won’t be able to tell the difference between up and down due to inner ear disturbances.

Boaters Fatigue Will be Worse

Boater’s fatigue is when you get sick after being under the sun and on the water all day. Being under the influence can cause boater’s fatigue to feel much worse.

Deal With Dehydration

Becoming dehydrated while at sea is a serious issue. Unfortunately, alcohol can cause you to get dehydrated faster. This not only will be bad for your health, but being dehydrated as well as dealing with boaters fatigue while being under the influence would make you feel more horrible.


Will you be boating at night? It can get very cold. Alcohol causes your blood vessels to dilate, so heat would leave your body faster. You could succumb to hypothermia, as a result.

When it comes to boating while under the influence, there are many reasons to avoid this. Not only could you put your life and several others in danger, but you can get arrested too. You’ll have to hire an expert lawyer if you’re hit with a jail sentence. Of course, you could fight with any passengers on board too. You might also fight with other boaters that are on the water.

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7 Reasons You Should Never Drink and Boat
When it comes to boating while under the influence, there are many reasons to avoid this.
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