7 Must-Use Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep It Clean


Swimming pools are the uprising trend in most Australian houses. The outbreak of the COVID-19 has given rise to the pool building profession by a range of 175%. The styles of the pools have also seen variance from one user to another.


As an owner, you need to take the responsibility of maintaining its hygiene and cleanliness. Here are some tips on how you can take care of a pool and keep it clean.

1. Running the pool pump daily

The pool water should not be left stagnate as it can become a breeding ground for multiple insects and be filled with organisms and algae as well. To avoid these, you need to keep the circulation of the water active especially in the season it is being used frequently.

You should run the pump for at least 8 to 12 hours daily. Best if it is kept on for 24 hours the whole week. The constant running of the pump will also need frequent backwashes.

2. Weekly check of the chemistry

The chemistry of the pool water should be checked every week to keep track of the pH level, as it cannot drop below 7.2 and cannot exceed more than 7.8. The rate of 7.4 is what is considered to be the normal rate of pH level for a safe and pleasant experience of swimming. 

You should check the chemical balance in the pool at least twice a week if it is being used regularly and once every week if it is not being used that often. The professionals need to be called immediately if there is any drop in the chemistry of the water.

3. Cleaning the skimmer basket

It is essential to prevent the skimmer basket from clogging so that it can remove the debris from the surface of the pool water. The clogging of the skimmer basket can lead to the debris sinking in the pool and polluting the water as well as sticking to the tiles.

The skimmer can be cleaned very easily by just removing the basket and dumping the contents out of it. It can also be sprayed down to remove the clogging.

4. Checking the chlorinator

It is necessary to check your chlorinator regularly to remove the algae and the other defecations. The chlorinator should be able to maintain the chlorine balance in the water to prevent the discoloration of the water and turning into cloudiness.

In case there is any sort of clogging in the chlorinator then the professionals need to be contacted. Online stores like Clark Rubber provide a range of such pool cleaning chemicals at a wide range of variety and prices, that can help you maintain your swimming pool. 

5. Pool vacuum

Investing in a good cleaning gadget for the pool can be a beneficial idea. A pool vacuum is the most suitable option preferred by the customers. It helps you clean the floor of the pool with just one complete sweep.

It is enough to run the vacuum ones every week. However, if the pool is surrounded by a lot of trees and plants then it would be suggested to be run twice or even thrice per week due to the deposit of the leaves and pollens. 

6. Scrubbing the tiles

Scrubbing the tiles manually can give you complete assurance of the pool being clean. You can also use chemicals for the purpose of cleaning or even baking soda in two parts mixed with one part of water. 

The baking soda helps deep clean all the scums from the tiles without affecting the vinyl liner. The chemical cleaners can also give effective results.

7. Hiring professionals

If you cannot make time for keeping your pool clean then it is never too late to take the help you need. Hiring professionals who are experts in cleaning the pool can give you the most satisfactory results and the best pool experience after the services.

The professionals also offer their customers a number of packages of cleaning you can opt from depending on your budget.


As entertaining and exciting the pool will look in your backyard, it is equally hard to maintain it and keep it clean on a regular basis. Thus, it is necessary to take the appropriate measures on keeping the most lavish property clean and tidy in order to enjoy it to the fullest. 

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7 Must-Use Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep It Clean
As entertaining and exciting the pool will look in your backyard, it is equally hard to maintain it and keep it clean on a regular basis.
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