7 Most Influential People That Gained Internet Fame in 2018


Nexter.org gathered 7 most influential people that gained fame in 2018. We’re sure that you’ve probably seen most of them!

Selfie kid

Justin Timberlake performed the halftime show at the Super Bowl and it’s really impossible to say who’s more popular now 0 his performance or… a kid making selfie who has became a meme.

Here’s how it was.

Towards the end of the show, Timberlake made his way up into the crowd, where he performed the end of his medley. He stopped right next to this kid, who seemed like he was not expecting to be thrust into the center of the most-watched event of the year.

After dancing with Timberlake for a bit, the kid gets out his phone to make a selfie.

He immediately became a viral meme.

Perfect proposal pic

The collage of these pics quickly became viral as many of people found this moment relatable.

In the pics, the photographer had to wear a ring of her cousin to make the photo perfect as the bride didn’t have her nails done.

Walmart Yodeling Kid

The viral video of the boy yodeling at a Southern Illinois Walmart.

Youtube has even added the boy to its Rewind video.

Roland Szabo and Yanny or Laurel 

The great Yanny vs. Laurel debate exploded after Redditor RolandCamry shared a record of a computer-generated voice and it divided America into two camps. The voice appears to be saying one word, and no one can agree if it’s saying “laurel” or “yanny.”

In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, listen to it 10,000 times and decide whether you fall on the side of light or darkness.

Reuniting through social media

@briannacry wrote on Twitter “Hey twitter, I met this girl on a dinner cruise in Hawaii in 2006. We were basically bestfriends for that night so I need y’all to help me find my bestfriend cause I miss her and I need to see how she’s doing now. Please retweet this so we can be reunited.”

The tweet gained 120k retweets and 280k likes! Eventually, one of the girls posted a pic of herself with a caption “Heard you were looking for me”.

Backpack Kid 

Source: Epic Games

A boy, 16-year-old Russell Horning, nicknamed ‘The Backpack Kid‘ sues Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, for using his dance move – The Floss,  performed on stage with Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live in 2017.

As he is under 18, the lawsuit was filed by his mother.

Steven Crowder’s “Change My Mind”

The scandalous tweet saying “Male privilege is a myth / Change my mind” and the caption, “Hello @TCU. Come one come all. #ChangeMyMind.”

It was a comedian Steven Crowder that took a picture of himself seated behind a sign.


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7 Most Influential People That Gained Internet Fame in 2018
7 Most Influential People That Gained Internet Fame in 2018
Nexter.org gathered 7 most influential people that gained Internet fame in 2018. We're sure that you've probably seen most of them!

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