7 BEST Destinations to Travel in 2018


Rules are simple: people should always have for traveling. This Nexter found most exotic and marvelous places to see in the new year.

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Cancun, Mexico

Source: transat.com

Cancun is the place to visit to feel the real taste of Mexico – fabulous white beaches, warm and nice Caribbean Sea, ancient buildings and artifacts.

Cancun is a city offering its guests the great opportunities for recreation and entertainment: affordable hotels and luxury hotels.

PyeongChang, South Korea

Source: kimcheeguesthouse.com

Best Asian ski-resort is hidden from global popularity! But not this . Don’t wait until the end of the winter and visit great snowy mountains in South Korea.

PyeongChang is hosting Winter Olympic Games this year and that is one more reason to take a trip to this wonderful snowland.


Source: telegraph.co.uk

Visit Malta to unravel the secrets of the ancient streets, taste traditional treats, enjoy rest on sandy beaches hidden in secluded bays off the Mediterranean coast.

Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to restore health in modern centers of the country.

Caribbean Islands

Source: sndimg.com

Large and small, surrounded by clear water, the Caribbean islands are a paradise for those, who can’t live without sea and beach.

Exotic nature – green rainforests, volcanic landscapes, coffee plantations and tons of bananas!


Source: northiceland.is

Have you ever dreamt to see Northern Lights? Then you definitely should visit the darkest parts of Iceland (Grótta lighthouse or Laugardalur Park) and check out this marvelous phenomenon.

However, don’t forget that a little cloud can spoil the view, thus check cloud forecasts online.

Norwegian fjords

Source: media.gadventures.com

If you like Scandinavian nature, take a trip around the fjords and check out an outstanding view of the sky, sea, and mountains. Don’t forget to take food with your: snacks and a bottle of water.

Nexter also recommends you visiting Trolltunga – one of the most famous mountains in the world.

Lake Baikal, Russia

Source: ytimg.com

Baikal is one of the popular destinations for traveling in Russia. In fact, there are all the conditions for an excellent holiday!

Unique nature, clean and pure water, fresh air and pleasant energy attract people from all over the world. A trip to Baikal is cool and amazing like the lake itself.

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7 BEST Travel Destinations in 2018
7 BEST Travel Destinations in 2018
Rules are simple: people should always have time for traveling. This time Nexter found most exotic and marvelous places to see in the new year.

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