7 Best Engagement Ring Trends of 2019


Whether you’re choosing your own engagement ring or looking for the perfect proposal piece, here are the best engagement ring trends of 2019.


On average, American couples spend $2,800 on their engagement rings. Lately, people are spending more on certain engagement ring trends than others. Millennials are also spending more on engagement rings. The average millennial spends $3,000 per engagement ring. The hottest styles justify the cost with their stunning appeal.

You deserve to know what engagement rings styles people are spending all of this money on. These innovative trends will open your eyes and your mind to all that engagement rings have to offer.

Here are 7 popular engagement ring trends for 2019:

1. Princess Cut Diamonds
Princess cut diamonds are one of the most classic wedding ring trends because they’re timeless. They also tend to be the most affordable diamond cut out there.

Princess Cut Diamonds use up to 80% of rough cut diamond, so you get the biggest bang for your back. Learn more about this cut and buy a princess cut diamond ring for the best price at the aforementioned link.

2. Rose Gold
Rose gold is popping up in more wedding ring discussions than ever. A rose gold band makes an engagement ring’s design seem more romantic. Plus, rose gold looks great with any skin tone. Like pure gold, rose gold doesn’t tarnish, rust, or corrode. It also doesn’t lose its color over time.

3. Stackable Rings
Although stacking isn’t new, it’s a classic trend that’s gaining more popularity. It’s no coincidence that so many trendy engagement rings are stackable. When a bridal set is stackable, it means you can wear your engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity ring together.

4. 3 Stone Engagement Rings
Out of all the latest engagement ring trends, this trend is the most royal one: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement popularized engagement rings with 3 stones. The three stones symbolize a couple’s past, present, and future.

5. Color
Many of the best new style engagement rings feature colored gemstones or diamonds. Rubies and emeralds are getting more popular for this reason. However, sapphires are the hottest colored gem by far. They even come in different shades of blue.

6. Negative Space
When a ring has negative space, its design shows more finger skin. Ring designs with negative space are notably creative and unique. Vintage styles frequently use negative space. Thus, this is a classic wedding trend.

7. Lab Diamonds
Lab diamonds don’t require mining. That’s why they’re sustainable and environmentally friendly. These aren’t “fake diamonds.” They’re actually organic.

8. Minimalist Rings
Many jewelers are embracing “less is more” as a style strategy. Minimalist designs pair spectacular stones with thin, delicate bands. Minimalist wedding rings are easier to stack than other designs are. They also showcase the stone more than other designs do.

Let These Engagement Ring Trends Inspire You
Most Americans spend 2 weeks pay or more on an engagement ring. Fortunately, these engagement ring trends are worth spending more money on. Just 2 weeks’ pay equates to 4% of someone’s annual income. You’ll be happiest if you purchase an engagement ring that suits your fiancé’s desires and budget.

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7 Best Engagement Ring Trends of 2019
Whether you’re choosing your own engagement ring or looking for the perfect proposal piece, here are the best engagement ring trends of 2019.

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