6 Useful Power Tools for Woodworking


It’s an amazing feeling to build something with your own hands, woodworking can be a relaxing and rewarding profession. Some people can consider it as a hobby, which is great because you can learn something new every day. You will need some proper tools to help you create something. So if you’re an aspiring carpenter or you want to dabble in some woodworking, then you should consider using these six helpful power tools.


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The Importance of Having The Right Tools
Every builder or someone who loves crafting would understand that they can’t do much if they don’t have the proper tools that can assist them. Some people might consider going for less to save some money, but budgeting needs a proper strategy and plan. You might leave behind an important tool that you could have used to finish what you started; this is fun though because you’re not on a deadline and can play around with the designs of the piece of furniture you’re making. So make sure you have all the tools you’d need for this project.

1. Circular Saw

It’s one of the greatest handheld power tools used for cutting different kinds of wood, metal, or plastic. You can use toothed or abrasive blades to cut; it is done in a rotary motion that spins around the arbor, having both the traditional saw with cords and extensions and the portable one with batteries. Just remember to get one you’re comfortable with and the job is a lot easier with it, too. Also, it needs to have a strong and long battery life if you’re using the cordless saw. It’s important to use one for the right job that doesn’t wear it down.

2. Joiner
This handy tool can help you make things flat and many woodworkers rely on it for making their and building their projects. The qualified craftsman at BangingToolBox believes that joiners are handy when you want to quickly connect timber panels for different furniture and timber joining jobs. It’s durable and considerably powerful, capable of heavy-duty work without getting worn down from using it frequently. It helps people to align properly when you place the individual wooden pieces together, but remember not to use it if the piece you’re working on will be subjected to a lot of flexing and stress.

3. Power Drill


Source: unsplash.com

When it comes to woodworking, a certain degree of precision is needed whenever you’re working on something. You can’t do much without a power drill because you need it for drilling the holes for attaching in small fasteners, providing smooth spinning techniques that are useful for tightening or loosening bolts. If you want something that can handle longer screws and attach large fasteners, then you should use an impact driver.

4. Mechanical Sanders
Since you’re working with wood all the time, you need something that can help you make everything smooth and not rough with splinters popping out. The sanders are considered to be one of the most versatile power tools you could have and it comes with different kinds like a random orbit or belt sanders. Each one would be perfectly designed for the particular project you’re working on, making it a decent tool that craftsmen around the world should use every time they build something.

5. Wood Router
This semi-portable tool can be easily guided by a craftsman’s hand to empty out the wood in the cutouts you make, this means you’d have less issues with cutouts because they are done with precision and skill. The great thing about routers that you can use them for other materials such as plastic or aluminum. This helps any craftsman to make all the necessary finishing touches accordingly on what they’re building.

6. Surface/Thickness Planer
If you’re planning to square and mill rough lumber, then this is the perfect tool for you. A surface planer like this can reduce the thickness of any board you’re working on, it can also be used for thickness planer purposes. It’s considered to be a heavy-duty power tool and it’s very harsh on the wood, so it’s recommended that you use your joiner before using your surface planer to control the thickness that you want the board to have.

Every craftsman has their way of creating something, one might use a certain tool while the other doesn’t; it all depends on what you’re working on. So if you get all the important power tools that can make your projects run smoothly, then it would be worth every penny spent because of the results you’d be seeing from your fine work. Thus, the above mentioned are some useful power tools for woodworking.

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6 Useful Power Tools for Woodworking
It's an amazing feeling to build something with your own hands, woodworking can be a relaxing and rewarding profession.

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