6 Tips To Find The Cheapest Car Insurance in Edmonton 2021   


Buying car insurance right after buying a car can be financially challenging for most people. However, car insurance does not always have to burn holes in your pocket. There are certain ways to get a pretty good discount on them without compromising on the protection. If you are looking for practical tips to find the cheapest car insurance in Edmonton, you are at the right place. Today, we will discuss the six most essential hacks to get the cheapest car insurance.


One of the most significant factors that influence car insurance rates is the insurance provider you choose. If you are looking for car insurance in Edmonton at an affordable rate, make sure you opt for reputable insurance companies.

6 Tips To Land The Cheapest Car Insurance In Edmonton

Here are six tips that will help you get a good rebate on your car insurance plan:

Compare Quotes

This goes without saying. Never settle for the first provider that you come across. Once you have figured out your needs and the type of coverage you are looking for, consider all the options you have in hand. In today’s time, it is elementary to compare quotes.

All that you have to do is go to the chosen insurer’s website, fill in your details and ask them for a quote. Once you have the quotes from all the chosen insurance providers, you can compare them from the comfort of your home.

There are quite a few websites that are specifically designed to help you compare policies. And in just one click, you can compare the rates of all the registered insurance companies in your area.

Carefully Decide The Coverage Limit & Type

There are various types of coverage limits available, and each of them has a significant impact on your insurance rate. For example, full coverage includes comprehensive as well as collision coverage. Naturally, they are more expensive. So, if you are running on a tight budget, only opt for the absolutely necessary coverage.

This will include liability insurance (which is a legal mandate) and other optional coverage options like uninsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, and collision coverage.

Another way to save on car insurance is to remove overlapping plans. For example, if you and your family already have health insurance, you do not need medical payments coverage. In this way, you will be saving considerably without compromising your safety.

Opt For a Higher Deductible

The rate of your insurance plans is majorly influenced by the risk your insurance provider assumes by doing business with you. That’s why when you choose to pay a higher deductible; your insurance rates go down.

A deductible is mainly applicable to collision and comprehensive coverage. Under this, if you get into an accident and decide to raise a claim, you will be required to pay a pre-decided amount for the coverage to kick in.

Therefore, when you agree to pay a higher amount, the financial risk taken by your insurance provider goes down, and they return the favor by offering you cheaper insurance.

Take Up A Defensive Driving Course

The rationale behind high premiums is to compensate the insurance companies for the risk they’re assuming by insuring you. However, if you have recently completed a defensive driving course, it will give your insurer the confidence to consider you a low-risk party and offer you cheaper premiums. Also, courses like these help you gain merit points on your driving license, which proves to be very helpful if you have a blotched driving record.

However, not every insurer will consider this as an authentic reason to give you a discount. Hence, you need to inform them before you sign up for this class and ensure that it actually gives you some benefits on your policy.

Consider The Expected Cost of Coverage Before You Buy The Car

Your insurance cost also depends on the model of your car. Certain models invite costlier insurance than the others. For example, expensive cars or a limited edition model have higher coverage costs than ordinary cars.

When an expensive car gets into an accident and needs repairs, it’s your insurer who will have to bear the exorbitant costs. Naturally, it would cost more to repair expensive cars. Certain spare parts of such limited edition cars are tough to find and expensive at the same time. This will further add to the overall cost.

Considering all these potential risk factors, insurance companies require higher premiums for specific models. Since the cost of your car and insurance go hand in hand, you need to calculate the maximum premium you can afford and the expected insurance cost for a particular model before you select a car.

Look For Additional Discount Options

Efficient financial management comes with intelligent investments. Every person who has a car is always on the lookout for hacks to save on insurance. So, here are five additional hacks to save on insurance. These include:

  • A clean driving
  • Good credit score
  • Student discount
  • An experienced driver on the plan
  • Anti-theft devices and other protective add on

The more boxes you check, the more discounts you get. Also, most of these will help you in more than just landing cheap car insurance. For example, a good credit score will also help you land loans easily and with lower interest rates. Similarly, anti-theft devices and other protective add-ons like quality airbags and brakes will increase your safety behind the wheels.

Low Mileage Discount

The insurance rates are highly influenced by your probability of getting into an accident which decreases if you drive less. In that case, if the driven miles are less than the carrier’s limit, you will qualify for a discount on your insurance. This is highly beneficial to people who work from home or do not drive frequently.


Since car insurance is expensive, it’s natural for you to want a discount. All of the tips mentioned above will ensure that you get a good deal without risking your safety. Even if you choose to opt for hacks beyond these, make sure your safety is never compromised.

In case you are confused, always talk to the advisor from the selected insurance company. The experts there would be able to guide you better.

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6 Tips To Find The Cheapest Car Insurance in Edmonton 2021   
In case you are confused, always talk to the advisor from the selected insurance company. The experts there would be able to guide you better.
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