6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Residential Neighborhood


If you are looking to buy or rent a home, the neighborhood you settle on is as important as your choice of house. If homes are like spouses, then the community is the equivalent of the extended family. While you love your spouse immensely, you might not like your in-laws; but when it comes to your home, you must first enjoy the neighborhood!

You don’t need to become a neighborhood detective to figure out if a community is right for your family. All you need to do is figure what is essential, do your research and then ensure you find a neighborhood that closest fits your requirements. Below are six tips to help you find a good area.

Have a Profile of the Best Neighborhood

The first step before scrutinizing neighborhoods is always turning back to you. This stage will help you put into perspective what exactly your perfect neighborhood should have for you. It’s critical that you keep in mind that you will not always find what you want.

Create a list with must-haves featuring somewhere at the top, and those requirements you would like to have at the bottom. One must have you need to consider is whether you would like to purchase a home or prefer something like apartments for rent Bellevue WA (luxury apartment – Hyde Square).

Your Lifestyle

It’s essential that you also take into consideration your current lifestyle needs. While you might fall in love with a home, a neighborhood that doesn’t fit your lifestyle can cause you long term discontentment. It’s better if you have a good understanding of whether you prefer the suburban life or would like to live in an apartment like brand new apartments for rent in Manhattan.

Quality Schools

The quality of the schools within a neighborhood has a significant bearing on the purchasing price of homes in the community. Whether you have or don’t have kids, consider the quality of neighborhood schools. Always make sure you settle in an area that has a considerable number of excellent schools to provide your kids with a concrete educational foundation.

Future Trends

As you drive through a neighborhood, you would like to live in, be on the lookout for future negative or positive real estate developments in the area. Have you spotted a beautiful park area that is about to replaced by unattractive office blocks? See if and carry out research to find out whether businesses are fighting to leave or come into the neighborhood.


As stated before, it’s near impossible to come across a neighborhood with all the features you would like. However, if you do find such an area, it will likely be expensive. However, be on the lookout for some positively attractive features that would draw you to a specific community.

Some of the things that attract people to neighborhoods include elegance and charming streets.

Other people find communities with plenty of trees and parks the best places to purchase or rent homes. Another critical amenity that should be on your list is accessibility to shopping malls.

Crime Rates

Regrettably, many communities feature high crime rates. Before you commit yourself to buying a home in a particular neighborhood, carry out some research on the area’s perceived crime rate. You can do this by speaking to potential neighbors or popping into the local police department.

Finally, try walking around the neighborhood at different times to get a general sense of its lows and highs. Note the condition of sidewalks, streets, front yards, and houses. See if people make eye contact with you – if they do, it’s probably a friendly and safe neighborhood.

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