6 Summer Accessories You’ll Want to Wear All Year


Summer is the best time to accessorize. Warmer weather and sunshine means more opportunities to wear whatever your heart desires, and you only need a few things to look your best. Accessories have been having a moment on Instagram lately, and it’s no wonder. These trends are so hot you’ll want to style them all year long.

Whether you’re looking for the next additions for your summer wardrobe or you want to see what all the style gurus are sporting this season, check out these 6 summer accessories below. You won’t want to miss them.

1. Scarves
You might think scarves are best for the winter months when the weather dips lower, but they’re making a major appearance this summer. You’ll see these everywhere—just not in the place you might think. While some women are tying them around their necks for a pop of color, others are weaving them into their braids and tying them like headbands. You can catch flashy floral scarves draped over handbags like a statement piece. They’re fun, their flirty, and they’re perfect for summer. When choosing a scarf, go for florals and lighter colors that pop like the sunshine on a hot day.

2. Trendy Sunglasses
Sunglasses are a style must that are about more than fashion. Sure, they look cute and trendy, but they’re also crucial for eye protection. The harsh rays of the sun are bad news for your vision, and they can cause eye wrinkles. Sun protection is no joke, so pick up a pair of trendy glasses before the summer ends.

The best trends we’re seeing this summer include unusual shapes and colors. Rose gold lenses? Yes, please! Go flirty with cat-eye shades or take it old school with some retro flair. You can’t go wrong as long as you’re having fun.

3. Floppy Hats
These sun hats, like sunglasses, are designed for both protection from the sun and style. They’re chic and trendy, and they’re also a way to protect your skin from the harsh summer sun. This summer, floppy hats are taking over our Instagram feeds. From modeling for beach photos to relaxing by the pool, these hats are making a statement. Need some inspiration? Check out these floppy hats with adorable sayings.

4. Simple Metal Jewelry
When it’s hot, you need jewelry that won’t get in the way. Small statement pieces are all the rage, and they won’t get tangled in your strappy top. From Metal Marvels to beachy bangles, we’re seeing these smaller, understated styles all over the place.

The best part about these smaller pieces is that they seamlessly transition into the colder months. Take your IWC watches from the beach to the boardroom, and the same goes for the rest of your metallic summer collection. These are styles that are always in fashion.

5. Scrunchies
It might feel like the 90s have come alive again, but this is all 2018 style. Scrunchies are back, and they seem to be here to stay. Not only are they perfect for taming your post-beach hair, but they’re a fun wrist accessory. Because you can find scrunchies in all types of fabrics and colors, they’ll transition perfectly from summer to fall and beyond. This is a trend we can all get behind.

6. See-Through
Though not limited to any one item of clothing or accessory, see-through is making itself known. Celebs are flaunting clear bags, clear shoes, and more. The list seems to be endless, but it’s definitely something unique and fun for the summer.

Easily copy this trend in the summertime with a strappy clear sandal or a small heel. You might feel like Cinderella in a glass slipper, but the clock won’t strike midnight on your good time. See-through bags are also great for the beach since they’re water-resistant and sand-proof.

Now that you’re well-versed in the latest trends, you’re ready to rock the final months of summer. It’s never too late to jump on these trends, and you’ll be ready for the seasons to come. We expect to see more of these hot accessories even as the weather gets colder.

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