6 Spooky Halloween 2017 Outdoor Ideas


Halloween preparation could be even more fun than the party itself. If you still don’t know how to make your house looks unique and really eerie, these decoration ideas are just what you need.  

1. Chemistry Yard

Graveyard is always looks great with fake tombstones, skeletons and pumpkins. You may add zombies or choose to be a Corpse Bride in Halloween night.


2. Country style

Decorations with pumpkins, hay bales, flowers, dried corn stalks will create a classical country design. You may add bats, witches, skeletons to complete the composition.

3.  Batty Front Door

Is  it possible to imagine Halloween without bats? WE’re in Nexter think – No.

The easiest idea for door decoration is add different sized bats to twig wreath. Easy paper bats tutorial you may watch here

Source: thesugarcain.com

4. Witches

Witch is another popular attribute in porch decorating. You may create a Witch house with the help of the magic cattles, empty poison bottles. And don’t forget to get to the curb your broom or two near the doors. It all will look even more realistic with you in a Witch outfit.

Source: MrsLimestone, Flickr

5. Abandoned Place

To make your house look like a forgotten one just block the windows, add cobwebs all over the place and don’t forget about creepy sign “do not enter”.  A pale ghost figure make it so spooky.

Source: Susan at betweennapsontheporch.net

6. Ghost Place

Remember Casper and his crazy family? Here’s a inspiration for you. Add few phantoms, a lot of cobweb, skeletons and spiders. Voilà! Breathtaking outdoor design is ready for selfies.

Source: partycity.com


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