6 Simple Tips to Buy Weed Online


Folks have come a long way from meeting a stranger behind a seedy alley to buy marijuana. But there hasn’t been much recovery time to adjust to the idea of weed becoming legal. It is no wonder that buying weed online feels a little strange. And like doing anything for the first time, you could sure use some help. Here are six tips to help you when you buy weed online:


1. Compare a Little

You want to compare a few online stores to get the best online weed you can get. A buyer needs to look through a few sites to see what kind of options he or she has. Each store has different products, and you have to decide on what you want.

What you want out of your store is variety because that means this online store knows what it is doing. You also want to judge some of the information within the site; so make sure to read up before you believe anything like ‘Sativa strains can help with your IBS’ or ‘X strain helps with A ailment’ kind of claims.

2. Look at Some Reviews

Once you are done comparing sites, you want to turn to reviews. Online reviews can be quite telling regarding an online weed store. You want to read a number of reviews spanning from the best reviews to some of the worst to get a good idea of what to expect.

Make sure you don’t believe every bad review. Some reviewers are just bitter, and that can terribly color their reviews. Find the site that has the most positive reviews overall before making your decision on which online store to trust.

3. Going Bulk is the Goal

Ideally, when you buy weed online, the point is to find a store you trust so that you can get large quantities of weed. (Or buy a given quantity consistently from the store) Granted, this is the first time the buyer is using this store, so it might be a good idea to start small or with a variety of strains, depending on how potent the buyer wants his or her weed to be.

The buyer should then receive the marijuana, and try it out. If the buyer is happy with the marijuana, then he or she should definitely see if the store has a bulk option. What the buyer needs to consider is that ordering online means shipping costs, and it also takes a while to get the marijuana package. Buying in bulk is much better especially if you need the weed for medical purposes, so that is the goal to reduce costs.

4. Check on Delivery

Some people are buying weed online to use casually, and these people don’t have to worry too much about delivery. Still, even if the buyer doesn’t have much to about, no one should have to wait weeks for their delivery. A delivery should take a few days though we know some online stores offer expedited delivery.

Those who need weed for chronic pain or for other illnesses don’t have time to wait. These individuals should do their best to review the delivery policy from the site being considered, and make sure there are expedited services that are reasonably priced. Do a little comparison to figure out if the price you are seeing is fair.

5. Good Customer Service

Customer service is another aspect you should look for when deciding on an online store to purchase your weed. The reason a buyer needs to check on this aspect is because the online personnel of a store should know a thing or two about marijuana.

People who don’t know much about weed can ask clarifying questions or get informed recommendations from some of these individuals. It is also good to have a strong customer service team, just in case there are delays or issues because that means the buyer can solve the issue relatively quickly.

6. Know What to Buy

The next thing to do is make sure the buyer knows what he or she wants to buy. There are actually a number of options, from edibles to vape oils and regular strains that you’ll have to chop up and smoke through bongs or the trusty rolled paper. Knowing what the buyer wants makes things a lot easier. The following are some options available online:

Sativa and Indica

Sativa is a type of strand that is used for those who want a whole-body experience. It is a very potent strand for those who want an otherworldly experience. Indica is used to help calm a person body and soul. It is up to the buyer to figure out which one is the best option regarding the buyer’s needs or desires.


Another option that buyers have is the hybrid. These strains were designed for specific purposes. Most of the time, these strains give the user a blended experience between euphoria and relaxation. It is important to understand the effect the hybrids were meant to have on a person before choosing one of these options.

These are just some of the things we think a buyer should consider before making a weed store choice online. Yes, it is going to take some time, but it is better to make a good choice than be stuck with marijuana you aren’t happy with.

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6 Simple Tips to Buy Weed Online
Folks have come a long way from meeting a stranger behind a seedy alley to buy marijuana. But there hasn’t been much recovery time to adjust to the idea of weed becoming legal.

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