6 Practical Ideas to Style the Interiors of your Homes


There’s a reason why people say: “Your home is your castle.” It’s practically the only place on earth where you can do what you want, feel as comfortable as you can, and decorate the way you please. Small or big, every home deserves to be styled and decorated nicely. However, blending everything together can be a daunting task. And because decorating even just one room can be expensive, you don’t have the luxury of trial and error, so you want to take your time to get it right. 

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The internet is full of wonderful ideas and images that could work for you—but unfortunately, sometimes they just don’t. That’s because the images you see online don’t always suit your room. The dimensions and spacing are completely different than the room you want to style your home. So, first things first; if you’re willing to implement a room style you’ve seen online, make sure that the general shape and dimensions of that room are similar to your own. If not, the final result could disappoint you.

Once you’ve taken the specific features of your room into account—like its size and dimensions when it’s empty—you can take a look at some practical tips that will work for almost any room. In this article, we’ll be listing six of those tried-and-true ideas.

A mistake many people make is to begin decorating randomly. Maybe they start with the wall color or the furniture. What you should actually start with is the flooring, and then you work your way up. Thinking about your floor first will determine how other pieces are placed in the area. Vinyl is often a good choice because it’s easy to maintain and clean, with many varieties. It’s also cool underfoot in warmer climates, like in Australia for one. If you select a neutral tone of vinyl flooring, without a lot of pattern or color, it will give you more options when choosing other items such as furniture and fixtures. This type of flooring is typically held in place with glue, but you can also go for loose lay vinyl flooring if you prefer a glueless system.


Source: unsplash.com/Belle Delphine

Wall color
The color is going to be an important choice and a very cost-effective one to change the look of your room. Yet, when choosing a color, take into consideration the overall interior decor, especially if you have an open space room rather than separate ones. You risk creating a clashing look if you paint one area or one room at a time, so it’s advised to paint all in one go. Also, colors do affect our mood, and some colors work better in the bedroom—like blues and greens—because of their calming effect, while bolder colors could be used in the living room or dining room.

Build around the space
We’ve all been there; sometimes, our furniture is either too big or too small for a room, which is why scaling is really important. Think about balance. For larger rooms, create areas for different activities, like a seating area for intimate get togethers, another area for the television, and a desk or table to work, etc. Also, think about the visual weight of a room. This term refers to the way an object attracts your eye and interacts with it. For instance, wood tends to have a heavy visual weight, so wooden pieces will look better when distributed around the room and separated from other items that are lighter in visual weight, such as crystal vases. This creates an overall balance within a room.

Don’t match
While it’s tempting to just buy matching sets of furniture, your home isn’t a three-piece-suit! Unless you really like boring things, be a bit brave and mix and match some pieces. A few pieces in the same style are good, but more than that, and your home looks lifeless and common. You want your personality to shine through, and matching sets will only get in the way. It’s not that difficult as long as you’re taking proportion, scale, and balance of your furniture and accessories into consideration within each room. This means that you shouldn’t decorate a huge wall with a tiny little picture, or squeeze a large piece of furniture into a small room.

Pay attention to lighting
That horrid, bare light bulb hanging in the middle of your living room—or any room—has to go! Lighting plays a big role in the overall look of your home. Sometimes we need bright lights for tasks, such as reading or sewing; sometimes we want warm, soft lighting, and sometimes we want to showcase a certain item, where you need accent lighting. Side lamps, for example, don’t brighten an entire room, which makes them the perfect choice for a light task. Other options could be chandeliers, wall sconces, pendants, and more; every room usually has a different lighting scheme. You can purchase dimmers if you don’t want or have enough room for different lights.

Mix the old with the new
While you’re eyeing different pictures of home interiors, you’ll probably notice that most rooms have a little bit of the classic mixed with a little bit of modern. To add more flair to a room, a mix often works nicely. Perhaps you picked up a nice piece of antique or an unusual artwork during your travels. By all means, show it! Besides pairing the old with the new, mixing the expensive with the inexpensive can also work. Not everything in your home has to be expensive. In fact, the most humble items have the most depth to them. Don’t shy away from placing simple items here and there that have more of a personal value for you, rather than a financial value.


Source: unsplash.com/Belle Delphine

These are just a few ways to style your home. Of course, to fully decorate a home, you have to determine what your preferred style is. For many people, it’s easier to start by ruling out what they don’t like, rather than what they do like. To narrow things down, think of the keyword that will definitely the way to go. Some people think chic, while others think playful or elegant. With some careful planning—and not rushing into purchases—you can style your home like a pro.

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6 Practical Ideas to Style the Interiors of your Homes
There’s a reason why people say: “Your home is your castle.” It’s practically the only place on earth where you can do what you want, feel as comfortable as you can, and decorate the way you please.

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