6 Outstanding and Stylish Dark and Purple Hair Shade Ideas


Looking for the trendiest and bold hair colours to wear during your homecoming? Then you should consider these vibrant dark purple hair colour ideas.

Bold and Beautiful: Dark Purple Hair Shade Ideas for 2019

If you have been searching for the glam new hair colour, you should probably consider going for dark and purple hair shade. These hues are gorgeous, flattering and you will be sure to steal the show if you get the colouring technique right.

We have made everything easier for you and researched some of the fabulous and stunning colour trends that are all on rage right now. Go through these dark and purple hair colour trends and see the one that is fit for you…we love them, and it is with no doubt that you will fall in love with them too.

Purple Hair Shade Ideas for Brunettes

Incorporating highlights in your hair is an excellent way of enhancing dimension. So, rather than settling for a monotone, you should give your hair a variety of light-reflecting manes. If you choose dark hues, such as dark and purple hair colours, remember to incorporate a variety of shades to make them look lively.

For instance, in this style, the dark brunette is styled at the roots, with light pops of purple accents penetrating through to give it some vibe. If you are blessed with dark hair and you don’t like changing its colour, this purple appearance might give you the best grounds to start experimenting with colours.

Dark Purple Lob

We cannot resist this beautiful dark purple hair-an updo that demonstrates clearly that you don’t require luscious strands in order to play around with different hues.

The waves are incorporated to make this style lively, which is quite recommendable if you have fine tresses but need to give them some vibe. The lowlights and highlights of varying colours of purple aid to bring it to real life. However, it is the waves that give the style that bounce that makes it appear even tidier.

Purple Hair and Dark Base

Dark base is ideal for those lazy women out there. When you blend a shaded appearance with a dark-based look, you get a lazy (but fantastic) style that is quite easy to achieve.

And in case you have natural dark tresses, when the base show through, the hair will not be so obvious with this look. The base is kept naturally dark. The flashy purple flare is simply beautiful to stare at-no shortcoming here!

Dark Purple Strands with Subtle Purple Accents

This is yet another beautiful tip when you notice your dark purple tresses are fading off. You can experiment with a variety of varying shades and tones and add light pops of lilac.

When you incorporate those curls at the roots, you excellently reveal all those shades and dimensions of purple. This gives this style a look that is just irresistible. Are you motivated to try this look? This is the best time to do that…the look is just amazing and appealing to the eye!

Dark Purple Bob

This is the ideal style for ladies with oval-shaped faces and wears extended, messy bob. Though you may want to experiment with different shapes of purple, to choose the right one for your skin tone, an extended bob or lob is an ideal way to give your hair break.

Chopping off those discoloured trimmings makes your hair healthier, and with time it will grow much faster than before. Ladies, sometimes you just need to say quit and give in to a chop. However, when you see the purple looking like this, the transition is easy.

Faded Purple With Lavender Hair

A fade of hues is simply a combination of colours that have been mixed perfectly so that you cannot recognise where one colour starts and where it ends. That is a technique employed in this melted purple with lavender hair.

There are a variety of purple shades you can choose from; this implies you have endless ways you can tailor this look and make it your signature. Start by choosing two or more hues that complement each other perfectly and blend them. Who knows what the heck you might end up getting?

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