6 Most Stylish Male Celebrities 


When it comes to fashion, both men and women inspire us. We don’t just take notes from the Kardashians, Zendaya, or Rihanna. We also admire stylish celebrity men who grace the red carpets, fashion front rows and Instagram feeds. We love it when a guy gets creative about their fashion, is willing to take risks and sample different styles and designers. Now we know that famous people can very easily look good, they have stylists and design houses at their beck and call. But the thing is, not everyone’s style stands out, and some people just exude style whether they have a professional helping them or not. So here’s a list of male celebrities whose style we adore and obsess over.


A$AP Rocky

With songs like “Fashion Killa” where he effortlessly weaves high-fashion label into his rhymes, it’s clear that A$AP likes his fashion and designer gear. He has even been named the most fashionable man in rap. From white suits, to varsity jackets, leather jackets and long bomber jackets, A$AP never misses a beat when it comes to his sartorial choices. He’s just as comfortable sporting a clean leather jacket and white shirt look as he is with baggy sweaters accessorized with these Miami style Cuban chains. It’s always great seeing what he comes onto the red carpet wearing, and it’s no wonder why he’s a regular Fashion Week attendee.


Jared Leto

One thing that makes a male celebrity stand out in terms of their style is their willingness and expertise at breaking fashion rules and dressing out of the box. Jared Leto isn’t afraid to do that, and we’ve noticed. It starts with the trademark haircut and then there’s the great tuxedos he wears on red carpets, and his enviable street style looks. His style choices are just as versatile as his music and roles he plays on the big screens.


Henry Golding

The Crazy Rich Asians leading man always steps out looking dapper and very put together, you would think he was a royal! He even made an ombre glitter suit look elegant and classy at the Met Gala. He makes dressing well look effortless, and he always has high quality pieces paired together. If you’re looking to take style notes from someone, it would be him.


Michael B. Jordan

Thanks to many acting roles in some of the top movies of the last 5 years, Michael B Jordan has become a fixture on red carpets, and he’s always a sight to see. He keeps things interesting, switching easily between formal looks, and more pared down relaxed casual outfits. Jordan seems to have a knack for wearing really well made jackets, something that always makes everything he wears look very expensive.



With his trademark slicked back hair, mix of rock’n’roll and elegant style; it comes as no surprise that the Bay Area rapper is considered one of the most fashionable people in the music industry. He makes it look effortless, with a smooth bad boy style that still has an old Hollywood glamor. He loves looking good, and in his music you’ll hear him talk about YSL all the time. The rapper even had a fashion collaboration with H&M in the works but it didn’t work out in the end. Too bad, would have been nice to shop his style.


David Beckham

David Beckham is the original men’s fashion icon, and it’s only gotten better with age. Maybe it’s having a successful fashion designer in the house, or it’s just that he looks good in anything, but that man really knows how to pull a look together. From biker inspired jackets and beanies, to his effortless casual style, and even how great he looked at the royal wedding; Becks knows how to dress and we love him for it.

If we could raid the closets of any male celebrities, it would be these 6 gentlemen. They know how to mix different styles, wear well-tailored clothes and they make it all look effortless. It’s great when someone doesn’t look like they are trying too hard to look good, and these celebrities do that very well. Anytime there is a red carpet event, we’re always happy to see these people in attendance because we know that they always keep it interesting. Better yet, as fashion starts to dabble more and more in androgynous styles, we can actually start taking style notes from these stars and take our own style up a notch, or two!

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6 Most Stylish Male Celebrities 
When it comes to fashion, both men and women inspire us.

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