Hawaii Volcano Eruption, Twitter Password-Saving Bug + 4 More HOT Things to Know About World (FRI)


Nexter.org made a list of most important you need to know this Friday morning (May 4).

1. Hawaii is under evacuation alert after volcano erupts

After several days of earthquakes, the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii started to erupt lava on Thursday evening.

2. Twitter warns its users to change passwords

The company announced on Thursday it discovered a bug that saved user passwords unprotected on an internal log.

3. Indian dust storm continues

As for today, more than 110 killed and injured hundreds more in northwestern India since late Wednesday, according to local authorities.

4. White House warns China on growing militarization

The White House warned Beijing on Thursday that there will be consequences for its growing militarization in the South China Sea, following reports of missiles being deployed to three of the country’s outposts in the disputed region.

5. ‘Robin Hood’ movie trailer released

‘Robin Hood’ movie trailer has landed starring Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx.

6. Nobel Prize for Literature postponed for the first time in a decade

The 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature is being postponed in the wake of a sexual and financial scandal that has engulfed the Swedish Academy


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Nexter.org made a list of most important news you need to know this Friday morning (May 4).

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