6 Fashion Tips For Your Dating Life


If you aren’t the type of person who pays undue attention to their wardrobe prior to heading out on a date, this is one aspect of your personality you need to sort out straight away. Perhaps you don’t bother about whether trainers are appropriate for a restaurant, or wearing a suit is suitable for going tenpin bowling. But the chances are your fashion choices will be under deep scrutiny from the moment you meet up.

Even if you met your latest love interest within the informal confines of some fun dating service, there are certain universal standards. If you want to ensure your new partner is never disappointed enough with your outfit to be dissuaded from arranging date number two, here are six fashion tips to make priorities.

Always dress appropriately

If you are heading out to meet someone special, take some time to consider an outfit which will impress your date. Never be tempted to throw something on for convenience. Females tend to take fashion a lot more seriously than their male counterparts. You might think it perfectly acceptable to turn up outside the date location sporting the same suit you’ve been wearing in the office all day; or at the other end of the scale, simply thrusting on a pair of joggers and mismatching sneakers, just because you didn’t leave enough time to dress properly.

Your partner will be aghast to observe your arrival. The impression you will convey in not making an effort is your shambolic attire is a reflection of your lack of enthusiasm this date.

Wear clothes which make you feel confident

Say you have a favorite shirt you have had for some time but is now starting to look a bit tight-fitting. Relegate this to a new duster. You don’t want to appear looking stiff and stilted while you are attempting to impress a partner.  The golden rule is a simple one. Wear clothes which fit and make you feel relaxed.

Keep your wardrobe updated

You may not follow the latest trends but your female partner may well do. Dedicate some of your monthly budget towards keeping your style updated. Taking the time to choose trendy new outfit will work wonders for your love life.

Forget about labels and concentrate on you

There is a mind-boggling array of designer labels out there. While there are undoubtedly fashion snobs who can spot a fake a mile away, or who obsess about which particular designers are currently in vogue, the majority of people over the age of 25 are not bothered. It is only really youths who are fixated on something as unremarkable as the particular badge on a shirt. Again, pay far more attention to comfort and aesthetic appeal than making some sort of cool statement.

Choose outfits which are most complimentary

It’s easy to commit a fashion faux pas. If you’ve put on weight during the festive season, avoid garish colors, especially boldly hooped or striped shirts which will only accentuate unwelcome curves.  Never wear ensembles which are a size smaller than is natural, as this will only exaggerate the parts of your anatomy which should really be languishing under cover.

Black is good

A modicum of black is always an excellent option to fall back on. You don’t want to overdo this and give the impression you have just returned from a funeral, or have suddenly decided to revisit an ill-judged teenage Goth period. But dark shirts or suits, broken up with a brightly colored tie or shirt, present an excellent impression of confidence and style.

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