6 Epic Times Professors Hilariously Trolled Their Students


Given the trouble teachers have to deal with on a daily basis, it is easy to understand why most of them are tough, serious and even a little grumpy. We have seen students play all kinds of pranks on their teachers- some are funny while others are a little cruel. However, some teachers have learned that the best way to deal with unruly students and consequently, get their respect, is to be just as smart as them.

See some six instances where teachers beat their students in trolling.

The Vengeful but Hilarious Teacher

A particular teacher thought of a brilliant idea to punish her student, who was apparently too good in her studies. The student got an F with a “see me after school” on their test. Now the student, knowing she had put her all in the paper, was stressed with the score and the note all day. After school, she went to the teacher to find out what was wrong and her grade was corrected to an A. Reason? The teacher wanted the student to suffer for a couple of hours as revenge for pissing her off.

The Perfect Solution to Students Stealing Your Stuff

Almost every teacher can attest to his/ her things disappearing into thin air while in class. Well, this teacher had had enough with replacing her calculator every time she finished teaching her chemistry class. Her solution? She glued it to a brick. Good luck sneaking that out in your pocket, kids.

Funny Teacher’s Response to a Student Sleeping in Class

We have all fallen asleep in class at some point and gotten away with it. This student in history class, however, was not so lucky. When the teacher noticed one of his students was sleeping, he stopped teaching to tie the poor student’s shoes together. We can all imagine what happened when he woke up and tried to get up.

Good Luck Getting Sympathy from This Teacher

One student narrates an experience during a chemistry lesson in the lab. The experiment, which involved testing gases through the heating glass on a flame, lead to several students getting injured. What is hilarious, however, is the reaction from the teacher. On the board, he recorded the number of students who got cuts and burns, and on the last column, he had a section for “near-death experiences.”

When You Have a Brutal Lecturer

How do you write my essay from scratch without missing the deadline? Well, this lecturer made it very clear that he wasn’t accepting any assignments submitted late. He strategically wrote “late assignments” in block letters and drew a sign pointing to the trash below the note so that it was clear where one should put their paper after the deadline.

When Your Teacher Is Extra Strict About Attendance

When a student decided to skip a Spanish class, she didn’t think it would be a big deal. Needless to say, she was shocked to see a printed missing person notice with her photo on it later around the school. How did she know it was her teacher’s idea? He wrote “last seen with’ and put his name.

To conclude, we have seen funny pranks from students before. But remember, teachers and professors too can be hilarious when dealing with students who break the rules.

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