6 BIGGEST Apple Fails – Is It the End of Bright History?


Recent years were really unfortunate for Apple as many unexpected and predicted situations have happened.

Read most significant fails of Apple are listed on Nexter.org.

iPhone crashes

Apple got a new bug that leads to rebooting the iPhone and Mac and also blocks access to iMessages, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook, Gmail and other applications.

The reason why iPhone crashed is simple: it is enough to send a specific Indian language character – Telugu – in iMessages to the device, and then the Springboard screen will appear.

Here’s how this character looks:


Source: ValueWalk

Apple promised to fix this bug in the spring.

HomePod is a waste of time and money

HomePod is released today and for sure will be a big disappointment for the Apple fans.

In case of HomePod, the only music you’ll be able to stream is Apple Music. Maybe not a problem for some people, but a great deal of music lovers prefer using Spotify (140 million subscribers).

The first owners of the smart Apple HomePod speaker complained that the device damages the furniture – leaves white rings on the wooden surface.

In cases where rings do not disappear by themselves, Apple advises wiping the surface with a dry soft rag using the cleaning agent.

Source: gsmarena.com

Slowing down iPhone

Apple has confirmed they are slowing down the speed in order to avoid the sudden shut down of the phone. So, when the iPhone tries to draw more power than the battery can use, it turns off.

Last year, the users of iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone SE have experienced this problem. In the near future, the same will happen to iPhone 7 with the release of iOS 11.2 update.

This revelation confirmed long-ago made conspiracy theory.

Source: imore.com

Steve Jobs Jeans

Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato – are two Italians who won a 5-year-battle with Apple for the right to call their jeans company “Steve Jobs”.

Back in 2012, two brothers decided to launch their own brand and use the name of Apple co-founder – Steve Jobs. The interesting fact is that Apple has never registered his name, thus they lost this battle.


Source: cdn.com

AirPods exploded

A man from Florida stated one of his Apple AirPods exploded while he was listening to the music at the gym.

At first, the white smoke started coming out of the device. Then, the man decided to take it off and ask for help.

When he got back, the AirPod has already blown up.

Source: Ubergizmo

Vietnamese Hackers Tricked Face ID

After Apple announced iPhone X would use Face ID, millions of questions were raised. The company reassured that users would not have any problem with that security system,  however, Vietnamese security firm Bkav hacked Face ID a week after iPhone X’s release.

See more ways to unlock Face ID.

More Apple fails:

Users of the most popular Apple gadget – iPhone X – claim they cannot approve family purchases with the help of Face ID.

iPhone X was released on November 3, however, all the main features were known from the Apple presentation in September. What to say, some of the bugs and fails were predicted, but a few of them happened before.

A number of people have currently faced a strange bug in Messenger bug: they aren’t able to type in more than 1-2 words.

iPhone X has experienced new bug – now people cannot answer the phone, according to TechRadar.

Source: techjuice.pk

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Recent years were really unfortunate for Apple as many unexpected and predicted situations have happened.
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