6 April Fools’ Day Pranks That Went Completely Wrong – It’s Not Even Funny, Guys!


April Fools’ Day is so close and now it’s to plan your 2019 prank but think wisely as there are some case that ended so bad.

Nexter.org has found 6 April Fool’s Day pranks that went horribly wrong at the

The world will end at 3 p.m. This is no April Fools’ joke


Source: AP


In 1940, the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia had its spokesperson, William Castellini, deliver a terrifying press release that read, “Your worst fears that the world will end are confirmed by astronomers of Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. Scientists predict that the world will end at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard tomorrow. This is no April Fools’ joke.”

It was just a weird promotion for their upcoming show on cosmic apocalypses, but first, it spread mass terror in Philadelphia, emergency lines were flooded, and Castellini was fired.

A man allegedly pretended to kill himself and ended up arrested


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In 2004, Randy Wood from New York allegedly “pranked” his ex-wife by staging his apparent suicide on her lawn. His ex-wife called 911 and ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars rushed to the scene only to discover Wood was very alive.

He was arrested on charges of falsely reporting an incident. It’s not clear if Wood was ever convicted.

Fake alien invasion caused widespread panic


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In 2010, the Arabic newspaper Al Ghad reported that an alien spacecraft had landed near the town of Jafr, Jordan, and readers believed it. Kids stayed home from school and the mayor reportedly almost evacuated all of the residents.

The paper’s managing editor Moussa Barhoumeh later apologized, telling the Telegraph, “We meant to entertain, not scare people.”

Joking about a school shooting let to arrest


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In 2014, Angela Timmons allegedly texted her daughter to say she could hear gunshots being fired at the college she worked at. Angela’s daughter couldn’t get in touch with her mom after that, according to the New York Daily News, so she called 911.

Police appeared at Virginia Colleges in Spartanburg County within minutes but didn’t find a shooting. Timmons was arrested on charges including aggravated breach of peace and disturbing a school. It’s not clear if Timmons was ever convicted.

A Manchester police department got in trouble after joking about letting prisoners go


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In 2015, the Manchester Police Department in the UK decided to get in on April Fools’ Day with a tweet that said, “Know someone in prison? You can get them released early by voting for them on here. The prisoners with the most votes also wins a holiday.”

Even if people knew it was a joke, many took issue with it, especially because some of the people pictured had reportedly been convicted of violent crimes.

‘How To Beat Your Wife without Leaving Prints’ guide


Source: AP


In 2000, Romanian Playboy published an article titled “How To Beat Your Wife Without Leaving Traces,” which they later said was a joke.

Protests took place all over the country and Playboy apologized and reportedly pledged to donate money to anti-domestic violence programs and run pieces that educated men about domestic violence.


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6 April Fools' Day Pranks That Went Completely Wrong - It's Not Even Funny, Guys!
6 April Fools' Day Pranks That Went Completely Wrong - It's Not Even Funny, Guys!
April Fools' Day is so close and now it's time to plan your 2019 prank but think wisely as there are some case that ended so bad. Nexter.org has found 6 April Fool's Day pranks that went horribly wrong at the time. 

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